President's Advisory Council

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President's Advisory Council Duties and Expectations    

Purpose and Function

The Council is an executive-level group of individuals selected by invitation who are leaders in the community from business, health care, the arts, and industry to join in supporting Molloy University’s mission and strategic direction. The Council is a non-governance body with members who are sought to provide advice, insight, and connection, increasing opportunities for partnerships, philanthropy, visibility, and success for Molloy University to expand its impact on Long Island and in Metropolitan New York.


Members are invited to serve by the President of Molloy University based on their experience, leadership, and standing in the community who can provide an external perspective to the strategic direction, goals, and initiatives of the University.

  • Council membership will typically range between 25-30 members.    
  • Members will serve an initial 3-year renewable term and may be appointed at any time during the year.
  • Meetings will take place in-person three times per year on campus at Molloy University or at other locations in Metropolitan New York.
  • Foster opportunities for engagement and interaction with businesses and other organizations where partnerships and mutual interests can be developed.
  • Serve as advocates for the mission of Molloy University.
  • Assist the University in advancing philanthropic opportunities.
  • Assist in expanding the visibility and awareness of the university in and beyond our region.
  • Attend scheduled meetings and support and attend major University events.
  • Offer advice and perspective on Molloy University strategies based on individual expertise and experience.
  • Offer opportunities for student internships, mentoring, and career pathways.

Office of the President

Office of the President

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