Community Research Institute

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The institute, which was established in 1987, produces low-cost, high-quality research to benefit the community. It provides research opportunities for faculty and students while enhancing community knowledge. Through CRI, students can develop data entry, statistical analysis, table construction and report preparation skills.

Benefits to Molloy University the CRI has provided include:

  • A new revenue source
  • Faculty development
  • Increased visibility in the community
  • A means to attract students interested in developing marketable skills

Benefits to faculty include:

  • Professional development
  • Basis for professional articles
  • Development of new skills and resources as a response to teacher burnout
  • Source of extra income

Benefits to students include:

  • Development of marketable skills and experience
  • Career development
  • Academic challenges
  • Source of extra income

Benefits to the community include:

  • Expanded frontiers of community knowledge
  • Low cost, high-quality research
  • Information necessary for government, social and commercial planning

The services of the Community Research Institute are available to all members of the Molloy community, if you:

  • Need access to computers and/or software for data entering and statistical analysis
  • Need help in statistical analysis and/or report preparation
  • Need support with data input
  • Need advice in project planning
  • Need assistance with table construction
  • Want to explore ideas for a research project
  • Need space to work on your research project