Molloy in the Community

Cupola atop a building on the Molloy University campus
Molloy University's Kellenberg Hall and the walkway to the building
Molloy University stands as a pillar of strength and support within its community, offering more than just academic enrichment to those it serves. With a commitment deeply rooted in their mission, Molloy extends its reach beyond its campus borders, actively engaging with and enriching the lives of individuals throughout the community. Through various outreach programs, volunteer initiatives, and collaborative partnerships, Molloy University serves as a beacon of hope and opportunity, providing educational resources and social support to those in need.

Economic Impact 2020-21 - Institution Summary

Private, nonprofit colleges and universities in New York have a significant economic impact on their communities. The total economic impact highlighted below includes spending on research and development, construction, technology, salaries, and other operating expenses plus the impact of spending by students and visitors in the community.


Institution Impact: $240,200,000

Student & Visitor Impact: $50,900,000

  • Institution Impact: $240,200,000

    This includes spending on research, construction, instruction, technology, salaries, and other operating expenses. Spillover spending, or indirect and induced spending, is included here and refers to the business-to-business activity generated by the institution and household-to-business spending from income earned as a result of direct and indirect activity.

  • Student and Visitor Impact: $50,900,000

    This includes discretionary spending by students combined with money spent by campus visitors attending parents’ weekends, conferences, sporting events, and other campus activities. Direct spending by students and visitors creates spillover spending, which is also included here.

  • Jobs

    Faculty, administrators, and support service professionals work side-by-side to support the missions of New York’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities. Molloy University supported 2,500 jobs in fiscal year 2020-21, this includes 1,300 jobs on campus. These jobs have a combined payroll of $86,300,000.

    In addition to jobs, the tax benefit to New York State and its communities cannot be discounted. Employees at this institution and others whose employment is dependent upon it, contributed an estimated $5,900,000 in state personal income tax revenue and state and local sales tax revenue in fiscal year 2020-21.