Campus Climate

Cupola atop a building on the Molloy University campus

Campus Climate

What is campus climate, and why is it important? According to Dr. Susan Rankin, President of Rankin Climate, campus climate is “the current attitudes, behaviors and standards of faculty, staff, administrators and students concerning the level of respect for individual needs, abilities and potential.” Numerous studies have concluded campus climates impact outcomes for students and employees. Molloy University is building its diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to improve the campus climate for all members of the Molloy University community.

Molloy University's Campus Climate Survey

During the Spring 2023 semester, Molloy University administered its inaugural campus climate survey. The HEDS Diversity and Equity Campus Climate Survey asked current students, faculty, staff, and administrators about their perceptions of Molloy University’s climate, how Molloy University supports diversity and equity, and experiences with discrimination and harassment. Data from the climate survey will allow Molloy University to sustain, improve, and develop initiatives, policies, and practices informed by community feedback.

Campus Climate Research

  • Campus Climate and Student Outcomes

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  • Campus Climate and Faculty and Staff Outcomes

    • "The Climate for Women in Academic Science: The Good, The Bad, and The Changeable" by Isis H. Settles, Lilia M. Cortina, Janet Malley, and Abigail J. Stewart
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