Summer Writing Experience 2020

Prepare to meet the challenges and possibilities of academic and creative writing at the college level.

The Molloy University Writing Center hosts the 2020 Summer Writing Experience online, a six-day series of workshops for motivated high school juniors and seniors and students entering college as freshmen in 2020. Students can choose from a variety of workshops.

Whether the goal is to become a more confident writer in the academic setting or to cultivate creative expression, the workshops provide a place to develop effective strategies for crafting relevant, original writing assignments, and to engage in lively discussions about the many elements of the writing process. Additionally, students can experience the satisfaction and excitement of turning ideas into more fully realized written works.

July 20-23 and 27-28

We are offering the following workshops online this year:

Writing Winning Application Essays - Professor Pamela Kenley-Meschino
In this workshop writers will consider effective approaches and determine strategies for writing original personal statements and engaging profiles for scholarships, college applications, and more.

Writing Compelling Sentences - Professor Pam Smith
The purpose of Writing Compelling Sentences is to help writers develop sentences that are not only effective, but graceful. We will accomplish this by varying the length of sentences through the use of different rhythms and varying the structure of sentences through the use of right and left branching techniques.

Creative Approaches to Writing - Professor Pamela Kenley-Meschino
This workshop will explore various writing genres, such as creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. Students will engage in short expressive writing exercises and work on developing strategies for writing original, effective drafts.

From Taking Notes to Writing Papers - Professor Valerie Griggs
This workshop will focus on practicing best methods for taking notes in these four areas: note taking during lectures; note taking while reading textbooks; note taking while reading literature; and note taking while watching film/video clips. We will discuss strategies for moving from notes to ideas to writing assignments.

Writing the Expository Essay - Professor Courtney Dalfonso
The expository essay is a tool that is often used in the academic world; therefore, it is highly likely that you have written an expository essay before. Expository writing seeks to explain. It is often based on factual information that stands to defend a particular idea. This form of writing can range from essays to magazine articles to manuals, so long as the writing seeks to explain. Expository writing differs from other forms of writing, such as fiction and poetry. Your duty as the writer is to provide the reader with as much information as you can. Readers should feel as if they have learned something after reading your essay.

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