Bystander Culture

Some Resources:

If on campus, please dial 11 for Public Safety or contact them at 516 323 3500.  Also, please contact Personal Counseling Center at 516.323.3484. Additionally, Teresa Aprigliano at 516.323.3659.

If off campus, dial 911 for police or  The Safe Center of Long Island at their 24 hour hotline   516.542.0404

Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic Violence at their 24 hour hotline  631.666.8833

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence at their 24 hour hotline  800.799 safe(7233)

Love is Respect

How do I help a friend? Be there: your presence is what will matter most! A calm, safe and reassuring environment is important. You will need to be patient, your friend may be embarrassed or guarded and it may take a while before your friend feels safe enough to leave the relationship. It is also very important not to impose your will on your friend. It is natural to want a 'quick' solution and therefore we may inadvertently say, "Just leave him or her."  That very statement may not have the desired outcome.  Remember: Everyone is different. There isn't any one single solution.

  • Listen. Being there to help means supporting his/her choices.
  • Tell him/her the perpetrator is responsible for the behavior.
  • Help him/her see possible choices and alternatives.
  • Provide information about counseling and other resources both on and off campus.