Repeated Course

Undergraduate Courses

A student may repeat a maximum of four different courses, with the exception of:

  • Independent studies
  • Topics
  • Internships
  • Courses in applied music

No course for which a student has received a satisfactory grade may be repeated for additional credit. Credit is never granted for the same course twice. If a grade is unacceptable after the second repeat, the situation will be referred to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for resolution.

Students may not have an unacceptable grade forgiven by replacing it with asatisfactory grade from another course. When a student repeats a course, the forgiven grade remains on the academic record, but it is not calculated in the overall cumulative GPA. Students are not allowed to repeat a course to improve their GPA.

For information regarding the Nursing department’s policies on repeats, see Nursing program's policies and requirements.

Graduate Courses

A course in which a student receives a grade below "B" in Education or a grade below a "B-" in Nursing or in Business may be repeated once. The option to repeat a course may not be used more than twice.

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