Active Shooter/Intruder Incidents

If you are on campus and you become aware of an active shooter or hostile intruder situation, how you respond will be dictated by the specific nature of the event. It is imperative that you follow the instructions given to you by the Department of Public Safety, the Rockville Centre Police Department or any emergency response unit that you have positively identified as being in control of the incident. Remember by following instruction, you will increase your chances for safety.

The following guidelines are to help you plan a safety strategy:

  • Remain calm
  • Have your cell phone available for instruction via the college's emergency notification system. If you do not have one and you are near someone who does, stay with them and follow the instructions accordingly.
  • Remember to silence your cell phone but continue to monitor it for further instruction.
  • If you become aware of the location, description or actions of the shooter/intruder call 911 and answer the questions the emergency dispatcher has for you. If you feel that the sound of your voice will alert the shooter/intruder of your presence, keep the operator on the line. By doing so, it will allow the dispatcher to listen to any developments.
  • Do not respond to any commands until you are sure that they come from a police officer, Public Safety officer, or emergency responder.
  • If you are instructed by Public Safety to stay in place, you should remain where you are. However, if you are without ample cover (i.e. a hallway), you should attempt to enter a classroom and stay away from the door and windows. If a classroom is not available, use the restroom and lock yourself in a bathroom stall.
  • If the shooter/intruder is inside your building and you have an opportunity, exit the building immediately.
  • If the shooter/intruder is inside your building and exiting the building is not possible, go to the nearest office and lock the door.
  • If the shooter is outside your building, get to a room that can be locked. Then close and lock all the windows and doors.
  • Remember to stay away from any doors and windows.
  • Turn off the lights and call 911 if you have up-dated information on the location of the shooter/intruder or if you witness anything.

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