Student Computer Loan Request Form

We are pleased to be able to make computers available to students attending remote courses at Molloy. If approved, you will receive further information via e-mail on how you can pick up a computer. Please note: 

  • Supplies are limited at this time, thus the only available computers for loan are Google Chromebooks.
  • Chromebooks have a built-in webcam, microphone and speakers.
  • Printers, scanners, and similar hardware will not be provided.
  • Requests will be granted based on need. Assessment of need is at the discretion of the Office of Student Affairs.
  • You will receive an e-mail indicating when the requested computer will be available. 

Agreement: I agree that submitting this form represents my acceptance of the following terms:

  • I agree that I am responsible for returning this computer on time in the same condition as when I borrowed it.
  • I understand that the computer remains the property of Molloy College at all times.
  • If, after an IT staff inspection, it is determined that I damaged the screen, hardware and/or casing, I will be charged repair or replacement costs.
  • If, after an IT staff inspection, it is determined that I did not return all cables or accessories, I will be charged replacement costs
  • If, I tamper with the equipment, I will be charged to repair or replace the computer and any cables or accessories and may also be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Molloy College is not responsible for damage to data caused by viruses that may exist on the network or are spread through the network or from software malfunctions.
  • Molloy College is not responsible for damage to external drives or any other devices plugged into the laptop.
  • I understand that upon return, all files left on the computer will be erased. IT accepts no responsibility for lost files.
  • I agree to abide by Molloy's Computing Privileges and Acceptable Use Policy.
  • I understand that by borrowing this computer, I am responsible for its return. I agree never to leave the computer in someone else's care. If the computer is stolen while on loan to me, I am responsible for the entire replacement cost of the equipment.

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