Responsible Use Of Information Technology

The computer network, internet access and electronic mail system at Molloy College are the property of the College and should be used only by those who are authorized and used only for legitimate business purposes.

Every user has the responsibility to preserve and enhance the College's reputation and must use the system honestly and professionally, respecting the privacy, confidentiality and property rights of others. All users are responsible for the content of the text, audio and images they send via the electronic communications system. Usage that would in any way violate or otherwise be inconsistent with Molloy's equal employment opportunity policy or its anti-harassment policy will not be tolerated.

The College reserves the right to monitor, access, retrieve, read, disclose and/or delete any information on its network or electronic mail system when deemed necessary. Users should have no expectation of personal privacy in any material created, received, or sent from Molloy College's computer network or electronic mail system. In addition, users should have no expectation of privacy as to their internet usage .