Use of Electronic Mail

Students, Faculty, Staff and Administration Email Policies

1. Acceptable use of email

The email system exists for the academic and business purposes of Molloy College. Use of email should be limited to these purposes whenever possible. The system allows for both on or off campus access via the internet or another e-mail client. It is expected that students and employees of the college will check their accounts on a regular basis.

2. Prohibited uses of email: The College's technology resources should never be used for

  • personal monetary gain or for any commercial purposes not related to college business
  • sending copies of documents in violation of US copyright laws
  • obtaining sensitive information not intended for public dissemination
  • violating any laws or regulations
  • "spoofing" or "snooping"
  • promoting or supporting personal agendas not in accordance with the mission of the college

3. Account creation:

Upon employment or enrollment at Molloy and completion of the LAN authorization form, users will be granted access to an email account in their name.

4.  Account Retention and Deletion

Email users are permitted to access their accounts any time they wish so long as they are employed or enrolled at the College. Faculty, staff and administrators no longer employed by the College will have their accounts disabled upon departure. Accounts are disabled for a period up to 30 days during which time immediate supervisors will be granted access to retrieve any emails that may be needed by the department. After retrieval of necessary information and upon written approval of a supervisor, the account will be permanently deleted and all contents rendered unrecoverable.  Students email accounts remain active so long as they are considered current. IT personnel reserve the right to delete accounts of students that have withdrawn, graduated, or taken leaves of absence. Contents of these accounts will not be recoverable after being marked for deletion.  Students who have graduated will be able to access their accounts until:

  • May Graduates:   September 30
  • August Graduates: December 31
  • December Graduates: April 30
  • Emails will be sent to students 2 weeks prior to graduation and every few weeks throughout the following months with an explanation and directions on how to retain an account. Accounts for anyone who does not respond during the specified periods will be deleted and the contents rendered unrecoverable. Once an account is deleted, it will not be recreated.

5. Email forwarding

Molloy College does not permit forwarding of messages to other services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail. Forwarding mail to mobile phone services is also prohibited. Access to email through POP3, IMAP, or Exchange is permissible when it becomes available.

6. Mass email distribution

Molloy College has established distribution lists to be used for contacting large groups of predefined constituents. Mass email distribution should only be used when needed and is limited to the following purposes:

  • Urgent: Highly important notices such as security or emergency notifications
  • Formal: Non-emergency messages such as federal reporting requirements, changes in departmental policies, office closures and other time sensitive notices
  • Informational: University work or other non-emergency informational messages

All mass distributions should be approved by a Vice President, Director, or Manager before being sent. All reasonable efforts should be made to check distributions for grammar and spelling as well as content. It is unacceptable to send email distributions that include:

  • Promotion of outside events not sponsored or supported by the college
  • Political statements, expression of personal opinion, conduct of personal business, unauthorized fundraising or solicitation
  • Notices of houses or other items for sale or rent, requests for rides, lost and found, or commercial promotions
  • Mass emails will be automatically deleted from users' mail boxes after 30 days.

Student addendum to policy:

Students who wish to send mass distributions through the student distribution lists or through the administrative lists must contact the Director of Student Affairs or his/her designee. The director will review the contents and purpose of the distribution and determine whether or not to send it.
7. Spam

Molloy College has worked extremely hard to limit SPAM email from entering its domain. Spam blocking technology is constantly updated and improved in an attempt to eliminate spam from campus mailboxes. Occasionally, legitimate mail is flagged by the spam filter. If you are expecting email from an outside source and suspect that it has been blocked, you may contact the Associate Network Manager at Molloy College IT staff members will not "white-list" accounts of family, friends or any other non-college business related emails. We will not be responsible for deleted attachments of unknown file types and the filter will permanently block addresses of spammers as well as those who send email containing viruses or other malicious content. Account holders should never use their college email to sign up for promotions, sweepstakes, or any website of questionable content not related to college business. Any correspondence that will contain personal information not related to college business should be directed to your personal email account.

8. Storage

Email accounts are backed up regularly and take up large amounts of space on the college network. Limits on mailbox sizes are as follows:

  • Students:   200 megabytes
  • Student Government:  250 megabytes
  • Employees:  1 gigabyte
  • Mailbox limits are strict and will not be expanded except in emergency situations. 

Anyone who wishes to preserve emails above the storage limits must archive them. Archives may be stored on CD/DVD or on your PC. Employees required to preserve emails for regulatory purposes may archive messages and store them on a network drive. Email stored in the "Trash" will be automatically deleted when the message has been in the trash for 60 days.  Distribution list emails will be removed from both the trash and the mailbox after 30 days.

9. Access, privacy and disclosure

Molloy College email accounts are owned by the college and their contents considered correspondence on behalf of the college. To the extent provided by law, Molloy College reserves the right to inspect the contents of mailboxes without consent. Inspection will not occur without reasonable cause. Upon request, correspondence may be made available to authorized personnel without consent. Electronic mail of students may constitute "education records" subject to the provisions of the federal statute known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). The University may access, inspect, and disclose such records under conditions that are set forth in the statute  Molloy College will take reasonable measures to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the contents of email, but these measures cannot be guaranteed.

10. Penalties and consequences

Users in violation of these policies may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Molloy College's code of conduct.
Change control: IT Management Team
Notification tree: The following individuals or offices should be notified prior to implementing changes to this policy: Faculty, Staff and Administration
Effective date: May 1, 2009, Expiration Date: None, Review Date: February 1, 2010.