Email Distribution Lists

Molloy College provides the community access to a variety of technology services, including email.  The information technology area has created email distribution lists (e.g. Netmail) for the convenience and enhancement of communication across the College.

On occasion, many of us want to reach out and share information with our colleagues regarding individual or personal business, for example offering items for sale, for rent or for free. While this seems like a good way to distribute the information from the sender's point of view it has nothing to do with College business. The College does provide electronic bulletin boards for these types of communication.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind the community that distributions sent to email lists of any information not directly related to the College's business is in violation of the College email policy.  The policy states; "Any unauthorized use will subject the user to disciplinary action as per the relevant Handbook or College regulations.  In addition to other sanctions, access to a computer may be revoked for unlawful activity, a violation of security provisions, or a violation of Molloy College regulations and/or ethical standards".

We encourage you to use these distribution lists in an appropriate fashion.  If you have questions please feel free to contact me at