Email SPAM Information

This is information regarding  emails requesting user account information, passwords and closure of web email accounts. If you check the From: line in a suspicious email, 99.9% of the time it is NOT from a Molloy address and should be deleted. Molloy will not close your email account because of too much storage being used.

Do not reply to emails asking for your personal information, account numbers or any other type of confidential information. Molloy College will never ask for your personal information or login credentials in an email.

Below are some additional precautions we recommend you follow:

  • Do not give your Molloy College user ID or password in email.
  • Do not respond to emails threatening to close your account if you do not provide personal information.
  • Do not click on any link inside a suspicious email.
  • Do not respond to emails that require you to enter personal or financial information directly into the email.
  • Do not reply to emails asking you to send personal information.
  • Do not use your email address as a login ID or password.

Please just delete these types of emails. Following these guidelines will help keep our email system up and running.