Bursar Policies and Procedures

Tuition Refunds

Credit balances resulting solely from Federal Title IV aid will be automatically refunded to students within 14 days. For all other credit balances, a refund request must be submitted to the Office of the Bursar via the internet using the following link: Student Refunds.

Refunds cannot be generated based on anticipated aid, which is indicated on the bill with an asterisk. All refunds are processed through BankMobile. Students are encouraged to log into www.RefundSelection.com and select a refund preference. 

When a student withdraws from any course(s) by submitting a written formal add/drop withdrawal form with the registrar's office, refunds will be granted for tuition. Refunds for housing will be prorated based on number of days in residence. (Fees and deposits are non-refundable) as follows:

Full Term Due Molloy Refund
Before the beginning of the semester 0% 100%
Within the first week 0%* 100%
Within the second week 25% 75%
Within the third week 50% 50%
After the third week 100% no refund

Fees are non-refundable beginning on the start date of the semester or term as noted in the academic calendar. Unofficial withdrawals will be calculated using the last date of the semester as noted in the academic calendar. The above refund policy is based on 100% payment. If a student on the deferred payment plan withdraws owing a part payment, the student is responsible for the balance due up to the time of withdrawal. Special fees are not refundable.

For students enrolled in Subterms (courses that only meet for a portion of the semester), the refund policy is as follows:

Seven Week Sub Terms Due Molloy Refund
Before the beginning of the semester 0% 100%
Within the first week 0% 100%
Within the second week 50% 50%
After the second week 100% no refund
Other Sub Terms (shorter than 7 weeks)
Before the beginning of the semester    0% 100%
Within the first week 0% 100%
After the first week 100% no refund

Any student who withdraws from any course or courses and is eligible for the Title IV assistance (Loans - PELL - SEOG) will have their aid adjusted according to the percentage of aid earned at the time of withdrawal. See the financial aid office for clarification of eligibility. The date the withdrawal is recorded will be used to determine refunds.

In the case of withdrawals submitted by mail, the official postmarked date of the correspondence will be the effective date. The College reserves the right to change the tuition, room/board and fees whenever the proper authorities deem such change is necessary. Special fees may be announced for special courses, as need arises. Transcripts, degrees and related documents will be withheld until all financial obligations are settled. Student declaration of bankruptcy is not a condition which releases these documents.  Students are liable for all fees in the collection of delinquent accounts and all applicable late fees.

Note: Deadline dates for specific semesters are listed in the "Registration Guides" and in the "Summer and intersession announcements".

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