Student Medical Insurance Plan

If you are a full-time undergraduate student, you are required to carry Student Medical Insurance Plan. This once-a-year fee is charged in the fall semester. If you are currently covered by another policy, the Molloy insurance may be waived. Waivers may be completed online by logging into the Lion's Den.

*Fall waivers must be submitted by October 1. No waivers will be accepted after this date.

If you are a new, spring full-time undergraduate student or if you were part-time in the fall semester and full-time in the spring semester, you will be charged for health and accident insurance on a partial-fee basis. This insurance may also be waived in the same manner. For new spring students only, the waiver forms must be completed and submitted to the Office of the Bursar by February 1. Forms submitted after February 1 will not be processed. Current health and accident insurance rates.

*Important: Student Medical Insurance Plan must be waived each year.
By submitting this waiver form, you represent that all the information entered is true, complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge and that you understand any false statements may result in disciplinary proceedings.

Please refer to the student insurance for Molloy University page for complete details regarding the coverage, benefits, claims, limits and exclusions.

Student Medical Insurance Plan for Graduate Students
Graduate Students are not automatically offered Student Medical Insurance Plan, but may purchase it by going to the following website: my student medical. To be eligible, Graduate Students must be enrolled in at least six credits. To enroll, select Molloy University from the drop down box; complete the Enrollment Form using your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card as payment. (Please note - a Molloy University Student Identification Number is required.)

Graduate students will not be billed by, nor will payments be accepted by Molloy University for Student Medical Insurance Plan. Students communicate directly with the Allen J. Flood insurance company at 800.734.9326.

For students enrolled in the 5-Year Education program:

  •  Years 1-4: Students are considered undergraduate and - if enrolled full-time - will be automatically charged for Health & Accident Insurance. If already covered by another insurance company, students must go to Lion's Den and submit a waiver by October 1 each year
  •  Accident Insurance is necessary. Students can communicate directly with the Allen J. Flood Insurance Company at 800. 734-9326.

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