Molloy MBA Student Recognized as Volunteer of the Year

By Long Island Busines News

CHRISTOPHER MILLS 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC. MANAGER, ENTERPRISE GROWTH & NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Christopher Mills is a brand ambassador for Smile Farms, a nonprofit organization that creates meaningful job opportunities in agricultural settings, for individuals with developmental disabilities. Smile Farms is the signature philanthropic partner of 1-800-FLOWERS. com, Inc.

 Mills grew up in Freeport, a waterfront community, where at a young age, he could be seen on a dock with a crab net and garbage can, pulling debris out of the canal. Today, that concern of his has expanded, by supporting Stop Polluting, Littering And Save Harbors (SPLASH) with their initiatives to clean up the waterways.

He is an extremely passionate, and creative person. His love of music led to an early writing and performing career, which was hugely successful on a local level. Along with his two partners, the group, Nice-and-ill (NAI) besides garnering a million views, and thousands of downloads online, also hosted events that promoted causes such as The Jimmy V Foundation and Susan G. Komen.

In 2015, he joined, Inc., and the Freeport Fire Department, where he is a volunteer firefighter at Engine Company #1, and a member of their Dive Squad Unit.

While earning an MBA at Molloy College, his "creative spirit" first applied to music and then manifested itself around another passion; brewing beer. This resulted in the creation of the Jones Beach Brewing Company
Mills combines his personal life with these causes seamlessly. Working for a company like, Inc. is a natural fit, given that they are committed to their community, are committed to helping provide a sustainable environment for future generations, and giving back, where they focus on the growth and support of Smile Farms.

How has charitable work affected your personal life?
It has humbled me. It is a continuous conditioning that molds my values. The more I give back, the more I commit to making my community better. This helps the shaping of my perspective.

How do you balance volunteer work with your career?
Luckily for me, both complement each other. As a manager of enterprise partnerships for, I find that when I'm building relationships with potential partners, our natural conversations lead to a discussion about communities and issues that our companies can both support.

What is your advice to others who are interested in volunteer work, but aren't sure how to get involved?
Initiative. I truly believe that each of us inherently want to help others, the key step is to take initiative. Speak to HR or people in your organization and find out what volunteer work they do in their community. If a company doesn't have anything yet, start something. Especially during times like now people could use a hand.