MNSA Members Give Back to The Community

The Molloy Nursing Student Association (MNSA) strives to be active in the community through volunteer work. The coronavirus pandemic has imposed hardships on everyone, but it is particularly difficult for the elderly, specifically those in nursing homes. Nursing homes are not allowing visitors at the moment in order to protect their residents. During such a stressful experience it is difficult to stay positive without the support, love and friendship of those closest to us.

MNSA members wanted to give back to the community and decided to reach out to local nursing home residents and write personalized letters to them. The MNSA members wanted to encourage and provide happiness to these residents. MNSA hopes to bring some positivity and make the residents smile. Letters include all kinds of supportive words and questions about each individual's life, such as:

"I hope with the warm weather coming around you get a chance to sit outside and enjoy it! I hope you are doing well and I want you to know that truly many people are always thinking of you!"  

"What's your favorite kind of music? Do you listen to the Beatles, Billy Joel, Bing Cosby, or Bach? Well, whatever you listen to, I hope it transports you to another place, a better place, like a good book."  

"During the summer, my favorite things to do are to go to the beach and play basketball with my brothers. What's your favorite season?"  

"Some of my favorite artists are the Lumineers and Mumford and Sons. Maybe you could give them a try some time, as they are beautiful songwriters!"  

"I am filling this with many good wishes for you. I wish for peace to calm your heart, love to see you through, and strength during this time. A small reminder that you are special and loved!"