Fostering Passionate and Dedicated Educators who want to Inspire Others

By Lucijan Jovic and Matteo Itri

As graduate students in the School of Education and Human Services at Molloy College we are committed to a value system that stresses the importance of working hard and utilizing every resource to learn and grow as future educators. With complex and rigorous next generation learning standards on the horizon, we constantly look for new and innovative pedagogical strategies to best meet the needs of the diverse learning communities we will soon educate. Lucijan's Perennialism teaching philosophy and passion to foster proficient writers combined with Matteo's Progressivism teaching philosophy and passion for inspiring students to become lifelong learners/learning how to cope with obstacles in and out of the classroom, Molloy has encouraged us to dive deeper to find ways to help break-down complex material and help mold students into resilient adults. Furthermore, this dedication and eagerness to best meet the needs of the diverse learning communities is contributed mainly from the School of Education and Human Services faculty at Molloy College.

Lucijan is in his last year in the five-year Bachelors/Master's program at Molloy. Concentrating in Adolescent English Education and Special Education, he roots his instruction in using great works of literature to strengthen students' writing performance and encourage students to be confident with cultural discourse, valuing the many backgrounds that exist in the contemporary classroom (Perennialism teaching philosophy). As society compares individuals from various backgrounds, beliefs, viewpoints, experiences, and cultures, in Molloy's diverse learning environment, students build their fundamentals and contribute to academia and the workforce as well.  

The space we occupy at Molloy reveals a great deal of "peoples' thoughts, ideas, patterns of interaction, and material adaptations to the world around them" (Cushner, et al, 2006, p.36)." In the Molloy College classroom, students acquire the necessary skills to advance as critically literate individuals.  

Matteo is in his fourth year in the 5-year Bachelor's/Master's degree program. Matteo's focus is Adolescent Social Studies and Special Education. He is passionate about integrating Social Emotional Learning into curriculum and inspiring students to become resilient in the classroom and beyond (Progressivism teaching philosophy). His philosophy is based on Progressivism, which focuses on the student taking an active part in his or her own learning, so that they will develop to their fullest potential. Molloy's education program has introduced Matteo to Project Based Learning and learning how to adapt a Growth Mindset to maintain the path towards success. When students experience what they are being taught through a project or interactive lesson, they retain the information more easily and are more successful because they are active participants in the learning process. Molloy's education program inspired Matteo and he is passionate about inspiring his students to be successful in all areas of their life. He makes it a priority to emphasize the importance of learning from obstacles.                  

Our course work has given us the skills to become lifelong learners. Each course allowed us to demonstrate our schematic knowledge. We have strengthened our knowledge of critical literacy development and in-depth research techniques, and we have dived deeper into critical theories to integrate into instruction. In addition, all of our professors come from various backgrounds in the field of education and provide us with expert knowledge that will be invaluable to our success as teachers. The unwavering dedication of the Molloy Education faculty is one of the many reasons that we are profoundly grateful for the quality of instruction we experienced. This drive and dedication motivates us to continue researching and looking for new and innovative strategies to best meet the needs of the diverse learning communities. The relationships that the staff develop with students is another one of the many reasons Molloy students are leaders in the field of education.  

If you are looking for a school that guides, supports, and fosters growth among its students, Molloy is the right place for you! Molloy, and especially the Education Department is dedicated to inspiring students to have a profound impact on the world's next generation of learners. It challenges its students to not only succeed, but to become scholars as well.

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Lucijan Jovic Matteo Itri