Honors students get firsthand history lesson

Molloy University currently has a group of 40 honors students attending this year's Salzburg Global Seminar in Austria. Our students are experiencing so many unique opportunities including this story about a truly incredible woman. This trip is part of Molloy's International Education Program.
Honors Students attend the Salzburg Global SeminarThe elderly woman on the right is named Hedy Rose. She is originally from Amsterdam who, at 6 years old, was forced to hide in the basement of a friend's house with her sister and mother, after the Nazis had taken her father from their home. She would never see her father again. She was in hiding at the same time as Ann Frank and in the same city, but was a few years younger. She lived in that basement for four years, during which time her mother died. Hedy and her sister immigrated to the US after the war. She later received her doctorate and taught at Smith and Wesleyan Colleges in education. Hearing her story was an absolutely amazing experience for our students.