Faculty book review by Radio World

By Paul McLane from Radio World

"Producing New and Digital Media" - This new textbook is pitched as a guide to savvy use of the Web in an age of participatory media. It is written by James Cohen, program director for the Molloy University New Media Program, and Thomas Kenny, television studio and media facilities manager for the Communications Department at Molloy, and published by Focal Press, a source of many wonderful titles of interest to media professionals.
Producing New and Digital Media: Your Guide to Savvy Use of the WebTheir purpose is for readers to become wise in digital media by understanding the theories and cultural significance of technology, the platforms involved and the Web as a communication device. The authors want to help you become a storyteller.

Major topics include creativity in the online environment; Web literacy; memes and online visual online language; viral videos; multimedia storytelling; and the online personal brand. They explore why to participate in online communities, how viral videos work and the influence of Web television and memes on the digital landscape.

Yes it's a textbook but it's far from dull. This is for people who want to have a more organized understanding of topics like Khan Academy, lolcats, remix memes and #foodporn. For some readers, especially digital natives, the discussion may seem simplistic; for others it will be a welcome introduction to concepts that drive a new media universe but can sometimes seem daunting. Though written for students, it is a good way for any non-digital natives to learn stuff that their 15-year-old niece already knows, without being embarrassed.

"Producing New and Digital Media" is a 266-page paperback from Focal Press (www.routledge.com/focalpress). I like it, though it's pricy at $49.95 retail, a common problem with titles intended as textbooks (the hardback is $150!).

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