Turning Tragedy Into Art

FiOS1: Molloy University's Life-sized Sculptures Used to Heal Those Impacted by Traffic-related Deaths

Creations Were Built Off of Trust and Patience


Students at Molloy University have built unique, life-sized sculptures out of packing tape to honor traffic victims across the world and they're all being displayed in New York City for World Remembrance Day.

"We came together to take this idea, which belongs to Mark Jenkins, the 'Tape Sculpting Process,' and we decided to translate it into a therapy process," said Dr. Laura Wood, assistant professor of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling department.

The life-sized tape sculptures take hours to build and rely primarily on trust and patience. They were originally part of an educational experience that taught students to create a more positive body image until Families for Safe Streets, a New York City-based non-profit dedicated to eliminating traffic-related injuries and deaths, reached out to Molloy University.

Now, they have a dual purpose.

"Just knowing that our work is going to make a difference for the people of Families for Safe Streets, such a great organization, makes it all worth it," said Elizabeth Pignatelli, a Molloy University alumni.

The sculptures will be put on display on Nov. 19 at New York City Hall to pay tribute to victims, their families, and others who have been permanently affected by traffic crashes.

Last week, students and faculty at Molloy University got to personally meet some of those families and say the experience was life-changing.

"They each were sharing their stories with all the students and it was so heartwarming to see them smile when they saw that people really cared," said Molloy University alumni Lori McAndrew.

Dr. Wood says she's learned a lot from the entire experience and is excited to see how the sculptures can be used as a form of therapy to help even more people in the future.

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