Values and Guiding Virtues Statement

Molloy Values and Guiding Virtues

Molloy University is a Catholic, independent college founded by the Sisters of St. Dominic (Dominican), Amityville. "The Dominican vision for education is a holistic way of looking at and being in the world. It is grounded in values integral to the mission of the order: the pursuit of truth, integration of study and contemplation, seeing God in all things, compassion and justice, and engaged scholarship." Dominican Charism in Higher Education: A Vision in Service of Truth (2012).  Therefore, Molloy University, grounded in the four pillars of study, service, spirituality and community, values:

Acting justly and with kindness in all our endeavors

We consciously choose the ethical direction.

  • Choose the good in all our daily interactions
  • Take actions that will improve the lives of others- both locally and globally
  • Develop relationships that foster teamwork within a supportive college community  

Transforming our communities

We believe that, as leaders, our own lives are in need of constant transformation as the starting point for creating a transformative learning environment

  • Nurture habits for ongoing personal and professional growth
  • Create an expansive vision that helps our students see limitless possibilities and encourages them to have an openness to all people and things.
  • Develop reflective and responsive students and graduates in an ever-changing global society  

Searching for truth; open to each other's truth

We acknowledge that all of us share some part of the truth and endeavor to engage one another even in the midst of passionate disagreements on contrasting convictions.

  • Commit to listening; taking a non-defensive stance
  • Create an inclusive atmosphere where people can ask significant questions
  • Be curious and flexible; open-minded

Reflectively listening to ourselves, our God and to the signs of the times in our contemporary world

With humility, we cultivate self-awareness in order to respond with our best truth to our diverse college community and world 

  • Cultivate an inner capacity for self-reflection; create opportunities for reflection-in classrooms, among colleagues in work settings and at every level of interaction on campus
  • Act in such a way as to encourage a more and more inclusive campus community
  • Build relationships that support diversity

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