Time Away from Work Faculty

The following pages are designed to help guide you when circumstances dictate that you must be out of work. Please see the Faculty Handbook (PDF) for more detailed information. We encourage you to read the following policies carefully as the policies often work concurrently when taking a leave. Your next step is to make an appointment to speak to someone in Human Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is FMLA Leave paid?

No, FMLA allows eligible employees time to care themselves or immediate family members who are ill. During approved FMLA leave, an employee's job will be held open. Molloy's Sick Leave and Maternity/Paternity policies often run concurrently with FMLA leave and explain how the employee will be paid while on leave.  

Q. What paperwork must I complete to have my leave approved?  

Fill out this document (PDF)

Q. How far in advance of my expected leave of absence should I contact Human Resources?

A minimum of 30 days.in advance of the expected time off.

Q. Who should I contact when the need to be out of work arises un-expectantly?

Your immediate supervisor and HR Does my health insurance continue while I'm on approved leave? Yes, provided you pay your contribution towards the plan.

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