Employee Hiring Procedures

To clarify the hiring process and to ensure compliance with Molloy's affirmative action, equal employment opportunity and other related policies in the most efficient manner, the Department of Human Resources has outlined the following hiring procedures:

  1. Hiring supervisor will notify Human Resources of pending vacancy (replacement or new position).
  2. Hiring supervisor will complete a Request to Hire Form, attach an updated job description and return the paperwork to HR.
  3. HR will circulate Request to Hire form for all necessary signatures.
  4. When all approvals have been obtained, H.R. will send out the announcement via Netmail and post it on the Molloy website, www.higheredjobs.com, and the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium. HR will work with hiring supervisor to decide where else the job should be advertised. Ads in any discipline or field specific publication or website will be paid for by the hiring department, all others will be paid for by Human Resources.
  5. In all cases, the position will be posted for a minimum of five days to ensure that internal applicants have had the opportunity to apply.
  6. HR will collect and forward all submissions to hiring supervisor for their review. HR will meet with hiring supervisor to determine the level of screening to be completed by Human Resources.
  7. Hiring supervisor will assemble a search committee* consisting of hiring supervisor, other appropriate members of the department, someone from a related department, a representative from HR, and a member from a diverse background. An odd number of people is recommended to aid in decision making.
  8. The search committee and/or hiring supervisor in conjunction with HR (when a search committee is not required) will review all qualified applicants and decide which should come to Campus for an interview. As a general guideline, 5-8 candidates is a good starting point.
  9. It will be HR's sole responsibility to screen candidates for salary, hours and other job related requirements and schedule interviews at the committee's convenience.
  10. At the first search committee meeting, the HR representative will discuss the College's commitment to Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action in its hiring. Committee members should bring their calendars and all subsequent committee meetings should be scheduled.
  11. The search committee and/or the hiring supervisor in conjunction with HR will conduct interviews. In consultation with his or her supervisor, the hiring supervisor will make a final decision based on the committee's recommendation and notify HR. At the appropriate Vice President's discretion, the candidate may be asked to return to Campus for a second interview.
  12. HR will send a Reference Waiver form to the chosen candidate and upon receipt, contact and document 2-3 references.
  13. HR will extend an offer and send a formal offer letter detailing salary, title and start date. Salaries should only be quoted by HR. Chosen candidate should return the signed original to HR on his or her first day of work.
  14. Upon acceptance of the offer, HR will notify in writing all candidates who interviewed but were not selected. HR will also complete all affirmative action paperwork.
  15. Chosen candidate should visit HR office on first day of work to complete employment paperwork.

If any questions arise at any point during this process, contact the Office of Human Resources at 516.323.3050.

* Positions where an employee is responsible for personnel and/or budget(s) require a selection committee.

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