The Sustainability Institute staff is available to make presentations to classes as guest lecturers, focusing on infusing issues of sustainability and environmental protection into the subject matter of the class. These presentations will also be made available to high school classes, civic associations, scout troops, and other off-campus groups. Institute staff have experience in offering presentations on a range of environmental issues including:

Careers in Sustainability: There is a demand for employees and leaders who know what sustainability is and understand its complexity. Careers are found in such varied fields as green building, climate change, environmental protection and remediation, waste reduction, and renewable energy and energy efficiency. While specific industries and work tasks may differ, careers in sustainability share the common goal of promoting a healthy planet. (This presentation is geared towards high school and college students.)

Veganism and the Environment: A growing and convincing body of evidence clearly indicates that raising animals for human consumption is the driving force behind virtually every major category of environmental damage now threatening the planet. Via an overview of widely and lesser-known global reports and studies on the subject, our presentation demonstrates how adopting a vegan diet and ethical framework is something all of us can do today, and something that can have far-reaching implications for the planet and all life on Earth.

  • Living “Green”- Reducing Toxins in Your Daily Environment:  Toxins found in common household products, their health effects, and how to avoid them. Information to guide consumers about the best alternatives when making decisions about cleaners, pest control, paints, body products, bedding, and food choices to help reduce risk of disease.
  • Global Warming and its Local Solutions: The basics of the evidence of causes and effects, and solutions — policy goals for curbing greenhouse gas emissions, and actions that individuals can take to reduce emissions related to their own activities.
  • Sustainability as A Solution to Global Warming: The philosophical and ethical basis for stewardship of the environment and steps institutions can take to reduce their environmental “footprint;”
  • How to Have a Toxic-Free Organic Lawn: Organic land care, the human health and environmental reasons for avoiding pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, the benefits and basic “how-to” of organic methods to build up healthy soil and maintain a healthy ecosystem.
  • Clean Energy Solutions on Long Island: Specific policy initiatives being taken here on Long island to address climate change and reduce use of fossil fuels. An overview of the program efforts in place by local institutions such as non-profit organizations, government agencies and local utilities to implement clean energy solutions. E.g. the emergence of a mandatory Energy Star Homes initiative now adopted by almost all LI Townships, and an explanation of the decisions that led to the proposal and postponement of an offshore wind park.

Under Development:

  • Health Effects of Common Toxins: An overview of studies demonstrating the human health effects of certain common chemicals such as cleaners, pesticides, paints, and ingredients in body products, carpets and furniture.

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