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What is a Social Entrepreneur?

Imagine a community where active social involvement is the norm.  Imagine a Long Island where proven and ethical leaders apply their energy, skills and resources to make our region one of the best places to work and live in the country.  This is the vision of The Energeia Partnership, an ancient Greek ideal, “energeia” aims for goodness plus efficiency and effectiveness.  We seek a focused, purposeful, action-oriented agenda for transforming Long Island.

Just as entrepreneurs change the face of business, social entrepreneurs act as change agents in the community.  Business entrepreneurs are motivated to increase the bottom line, social entrepreneurs are motivated to create sustainable solutions to transform the quality of life for all residents.  Despite the differences, both are innovative and change-oriented, searching for new and better ways to create an innovative economy.  The Energeia Partnership seeks to recruit and train ethical, solution-minded leaders for the purpose of tackling our region’s most challenging and time sensitive problems. These leaders will dedicate themselves to serving as stewards of Long Island, offering their talents and wisdom to promote the common good.

Our goal is to gather each year an “outstanding” class of ethical, proven leaders and provide them with the information, personal contacts, context and experience needed to encourage a collaborative, regional effort for change.  We recognize the highly demanding schedule of Long Island’s leaders, busy integrating the needs of family, business and community.  With this in mind, The Energeia Partnership has devised a dynamic two (2) year academy that will meet for one day, every other month, over a two (2) year period.  It is our hope that our schedule will minimize the time commitment needed, while maximizing the opportunity for effective learning and regional stewardship.

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