In preparation for evaluating and treating clients with communication disorders, students are required to master knowledge of typical and atypical speech, language, feeding/swallowing, cognitive and social skills across the lifespan. All evaluations and treatments are conducted under the supervision of ASHA certified and NY state licensed clinical educators.

Molly College students

Undergraduate SLP Students

SLP 4400 and 4410 Introduction Clinical Practice in Speech Language Pathology I & II

Students have the opportunity to provide treatment to clients at the Molloy Speech Language Hearing Center and/or in the community under the supervision of ASHA certified and NY state licensed clinical educators over two semesters.

PreRequisite Coursework

  • SLP 2740 Disorders of Communication I
  • SLP 3740 Disorders of Communication II
  • SLP 3750 Evaluation and Treatment in Speech Language Pathology
  • SLP 3760 Clinical Experiences with the Speech Language and Hearing-Impaired

Application for Clinical Privileges
Students wishing to enroll in SLP 4400 MUST apply for Clinical Privileges typically at the start of the Spring semester of their Junior year. Please refer to the Molloy Undergraduate Catalog or the CSD Student Handbook for minimum GPA in order to be eligible to apply.

Graduate SLP Students

In order to meet Skills and Knowledge mandated by the American Speech Language Hearing Association, graduate SLP students are required to complete 400 clinical hours. We offer and coordinate two on-site and two off-site externship opportunities for our students to successfully meet the ASHA standards through the designated hour. 

SLP 5910, 5900 Clinical Practicum I & Clinical Practicum in Assessment
In Clinical Practicum I students are expected to treat clients at the Molloy College Speech Language Hearing Center as well as in the community (e.g. local Head Start programs). It is the intent of the Molloy College SLHC to provide its students with an opportunity to treat clients with a diverse background and a variety of communication disorders. During the Clinical Practicum in Assessment students will screen and evaluate clients at the SLHC using a variety of standardized and non-standardized assessments, often substantiated by objective data using instrumentation.

SLP 5911, 5912 Clinical Practicum II & III
In Clinical Practicum II and III students will provide diagnostic and/or treatment services at off-site facilities. These facilities will provide opportunities with pediatric and adult populations and are arranged by the clinical coordinator at Molloy College SLHC.

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