R U up 2 P.A.R.? Pledge Campaign

Sign this pledge and do your part to be a safe teen driver.As teenagers, it is extremely important for us to take responsibility for ourselves when behind the wheel. "R U up 2 P.A.R.?" is a way for you, the driver, to help yourself and others stay safe on the road. It is important to remember the small details on how to stay safe while driving. Your actions in a car may be dangerous to yourself or others on the road. Asking R U up 2 P.A.R.? will be a constant reminder for you to think about your actions and check that you are not doing anything dangerous. This pledge and other R U up 2 P.A.R.? information should stay in your car for whenever you need to refer back to the tips on safe driving habits. Wear your free bracelet and use the lanyard for your car keys whenever you drive so that you will always have a reminder to stay "up 2 P.A.R!"

P.A.R stands for:

  • Precautious: obeying driving laws; wearing seat belts; avoiding unfamiliar locations; parking in well-lit areas; having sufficient gas
  • Avoiding distractions: keeping music volume low; turning off all cell phones/electronic devices; no texting while driving; not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; asking passengers to not distract the driver
  • Responding responsibly: prepared to deal with mechanical difficulties and knowing what to do in an accident or an emergency situation

Sign this pledge and do your part to be a safe teen driver. You are pledging to make the right decisions when driving, and to not drive when it is too dangerous. You are also pledging to be cautious and aware of your surroundings while driving, and be appropriately responsive to situations on the road. Thank you!

For more information visit: Energeia For Teens and Celebrate My Drive®

R U up 2 P.A.R.? Campaign has been funded by a Celebrate My Drive® Teen Driver Safety Grant from State Farm®

Fill out the pledge and send it as an email attachment to: energeiaforteens@molloy.edu.

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