Molloy College Accreditation and Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Molloy College is committed to providing a transformative education that meets established quality standards. Accreditation is the peer review process by which those standards most valued by the institution are verified. Molloy College is accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). In order to remain accredited, the institution provides periodic reports and participates in the self-study and external review process.

Molloy College began working on the self-study review process in the Fall 2020 semester. Working groups were established and community discussion was initiated resulting in a Self-Study design that was submitted and approved by MSCHE in Spring 2021. Michael Torres, Vice President for Technology and Institutional Effectiveness, and Barbara T. Schmidt, Associate Provost and Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, are co-chairs of the process.

1. Strategic Enrollment: Develop and implement a strategic approach to recruitment and retention that better positions the College to achieve defined enrollment goals and associated revenue. Standards VI and IV

2. Responsive Education: Evaluate and enhance Molloy’s academic programs and related infrastructure to ensure relevancy of academic offerings and strengthen the College’s competitive position. Standards V, III, and IV

3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Establish an overarching diversity, equity and inclusion plan rooted in the College’s mission and ensure that the organizational structures are in place to support DEI efforts throughout the institution. Standards II, I, and III

Steering Committee

Barbara Schmidt
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs

Michael Torres
Vice President for Technology and Institutional Effectiveness


Gioia Bales
Dean, School of Business

Christina Cappellano
Senior Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Audrey Cohan,
Senior Dean of Research and Scholarship

Valerie Collins
Faculty Resource Representative for the Self-Study

Melissa Gebbia
Professor of Psychology

Kathleen Maurer Smith
Dean of Graduate Academic Affairs

Catherine Muscente
Vice President of Mission and Ministry

Lisa Newland
Chairperson and Professor of Social Work

Joanne O’Brien
Dean, School of Education and Human Services

Maureen Sanz
Director of the Faculty Professional Center and Professor of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Science

Linda Silva Thompson
Associate Dean of Academic Assessment

Ken Young
Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations

Mission and Goals

Cathy Muscente, Chair
Vice President, Mission and Ministry

Normadeane Armstrong, Vice-Chair
Professor, Nursing

Dan Ball
Associate Professor, Business

Susan Bloom
Associate Librarian, Head of Instructional Services

Kim Langenmayr
Director, International Education

Marcia Caton
Professor, Nursing

Valerie Collins
Faculty Resource Representative

Ryan Coughlan
Assistant Professor, Education

Hia Datta
Director, Undergraduate Speech Language Pathology

James Pepe
Data Liaison; Assistant Director, Data Analytics

Paul Van Wie
Associate Professor, History/Political Science

Jackie Williams
Executive Assistant, Mission and Ministry

Ken Young
Steering Committee Liaison; Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations

Ethics and Integrity

Kathleen Maurer Smith, Chair
Dean, Graduate Academic Affairs

Matt Albanese, Vice-Chair
Director, Compliance

Angela Zimmerman, Vice-Chair
Director, Development and Special Programs

Valerie Collins
Faculty Resource Representative

Patti Eckardt
Professor, Nursing

Kimberly Engels
Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Ronnie Feeg
Associate Dean, Director, Ph.D. Program and Research and Scholarly Practice

Judith James-Borga
Associate Professor, Nursing

Gina Nedelka
Executive Assistant, Graduate Academic Affairs

James Pepe
Data Liaison; Assistant Director, Data Analytics

Manyiu Tse
Chairperson, Math and Computer Studies

Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience

Joanne O’Brien, Chair
Dean, School of Education and Human Services

Marcia Gardner, Vice-Chair
Dean, The Barbara H. Hagan School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Matthew Applegate
Chairperson, Digital Humanities & New Media

Lou Cino
Dean, Continuing Education and Professional Studies

Valerie Collins
Faculty Resource Representative

Kylene Foster
Executive Assistant, School of Education and Human Services

Joan Ginty
Associate Dean, Advanced Nursing Practice & DNP Program

Vicky Giouroukakis
Professor, Education

Kimberly Havens
Coordinator, Tutoring Services

Kim Langenmayr
Director, International Education

Steve Kent
Acting Associate Dean & Undergraduate Program Director, School of Business

James Pepe
Data Liaison; Assistant Director, Data Analytics

Heather Reens
Instructor, Nursing

Barbara Schmidt
Steering Committee Liaison; Associate Provost Academic Affairs

Katherine Schmidt
Assistant Professor, Theology

Joe Weinstein
Director, St. Thomas Aquinas Program

Support of the Student Experience

Gioia Bales, Chair
Dean, School of Business

Marion Flomenhaft, Vice-Chair
Associate Dean Academic Services

Michelle Abbatiello
Senior Assistant Registrar

Christina Cappellano
Steering Committee Liaison; Senior Director, Institutional Effectiveness

Valerie Collins
Faculty Resource Representative

Noelle Cutter
Director, First Year Experience

Cathleen DiPietro
Assistant Director, Student Solution Center

Marcella Dimino
Undergraduate Student

Shannon Pontrelli
Administrative Coordinator, Student Affairs

Marguerite Lane
Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Management

Ana Lockward
Director, Financial Aid

James Pepe
Data Liaison; Assistant Director, Data Analytics

Allison Roda
Assistant Professor, Education

Phillipa Woodriff
Board Member, Chairperson-Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees

Educational Effectiveness Assessment

Audrey Cohan, Chair
Senior Dean, Research and Scholarship

Amy Gaimaro, Vice-Chair
Dean, Innovative Delivery Methods

Joanna Alcruz
Assistant Professor, Education

Joyce Borelli
Administrative Coordinator, Research and Scholarship

Valerie Collins
Faculty Resource Representative

Cristen D'Accordo
Director, Career Services

Peter D'Antonio
Assistant Professor, Business

Pamela Kenley-Meschino
Coordinator, Writing Center

Krista Lombardo
Director, Student Retention

Jennifer Mannino
Associate Professor, Nursing

James Pepe
Data Liaison; Assistant Director, Data Analytics

Linda Silva Thompson
Steering Committee Liaison; Associate Dean, Assessment

Amanda Strong
Assistant Director, Academic Assessment

Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement

Lisa Newland, Chair
Chairperson & Undergraduate Director, Social Work

Elissa Sharp, Vice-Chair
Assistant Director, Institutional Effectiveness

Susan Williams
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

Valerie Collins
Faculty Resource Representative

Vincent D'Accordo
Process Improvement Specialist

Jeanne Kimpel
Assistant Professor, Theology and Religious Studies

Aliya Kuerban
Associate Professor, Nursing

Brian Noll
Assistant Professor, Business

James Pepe
Data Liaison; Assistant Director, Data Analytics

Sherry Radowitz
Director, Grants and Sponsored Program

Rose Schecter
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Nursing and Nursing Administrative Affairs

Michael Torres
Steering Committee Liaison; Vice President, Technology & Institutional Effectiveness

Jolanta Zuar
Executive Assistant, Technology and Institutional Effectiveness

Governance, Leadership, and Administration

Maureen Sanz, Chair
Director, Faculty Professional Center

John Catalano, Vice-Chair
Acting Associate Dean & Graduate Program Director

Susan Williams
Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

Jodi Evans
Professor, Biology, Chemistry & Environmental Studies

Valerie Collins
Faculty Resource Representative

John Eterno
Associate Dean, Director of Graduate Program, Criminal Justice and Legal Studies

Kathryn Fisher
Executive Assistant, Finance and Treasurer

Diane Fornieri
Chief of Staff & Secretary to the Board

Melissa Gebbia
Steering Committee Liaison; Professor, Psychology

Janice Kelly
Chairperson, Communications

Melissa McCardle
Professor, Social Work

Lisa Miller
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator

James Pepe
Data Liaison; Assistant Director, Data Analytics

Administrative Coordinator, Faculty Professional Center

Evidence Inventory

Christina Cappellano
Senior Director, Institutional Effectiveness

Ann Delury
Executive Assistant, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty

Diane Fornieri
Chief of Staff and Secretary to the Board

Nicola Palumbo
Associate Librarian, Reference Services

Verification of Compliance

Kristie Conroy
Associate Director, Institutional Research

Marion Flomenhaft
Associate Dean, Academic Services

Sue Fortman

Amy Gaimaro
Dean, Innovative Delivery Methods

Ana Lockward
Director, Financial Aid

Kathleen Maurer Smith
Dean, Graduate Academic Affairs; Chair of Standard II

Matt Albanese
Director, Compliance: Vice-Chair of Standard II

Summer 2021

June – September
Revisions and acceptance of Self- Study Design

Fall 2021 Semester and Spring 2022 Semester

September – December & January - May
CORE meetings will be followed by Steering Committee and Standard Committee meetings. Three meetings of the Steering and Standard Committees are planned for each semester. Both the Verification of Compliance Committee and the Evidence Inventory Committee will be scheduled to meet with the Steering Committee each semester. An additional meeting for the Steering Committee will be scheduled at the end of the semester. Standard Committee drafts due November . The Steering Committee will read all drafts.

Spring 2022 Semester

January - May
Self-Study Evaluation Team Chair chosen. Team Visit dates identified for March or April 2023. Accepted Self- Study Design sent to Team Chair.

Summer 2022

May - September
Self-Study revisions and campus review. Specific dates TBD.

Fall 2022 Semester

September - January
Steering Committee, Standard Committee and Verification of Compliance Working Groups will meet to begin to finalize the Self-Study in preparation for the Team Chair Visit. Following the Team Chair Visit and Self-Study Report review, the SelfStudy will be finalized based on the Team Chair feedback and shared with the campus.The Steering Committee will begin planning the schedule for the Spring2023 Evaluation Team Visit.


Team Chair Preliminary Visit
Wednesday, October 25 and Thursday, October 26, 2022

Spring 2023 Semester

January - February
Final Self-Study Report / Verification of Compliance / Evidence Inventory uploaded to MSCHE portal (six weeks before team Visit).  Steering Committee planning schedule / activities for Evaluation Team Visit finalized.

March - April
Self-Study Evaluation Team Visit. Team Report. Institutional Response to the Team Report.


Evaluation Team Visit
Sunday, March 26 – Thursday, March 30, 2023

June - November
Commission meets to determine action. (Visits conducted after April 15 are acted on by the Commission at the November meeting).