Summer Writing Experience

    Summer Writing Experience 2014

Where better to become acquainted with college writing than on a college campus?

The Writing Center at Molloy College is now offering a series of dynamic workshops for motivated students who are prepared to meet the challenges of academic writing and discover the creative possibilities in an authentic college environment. Led by professional writing consultants, the workshops will cover a range of topics including the expectations of academic writing and analysis, poetry and fiction, college and scholarship essay writing, and creative approaches to writing interesting sentences.

But this is more than just a college simulation - through immersive workshops filled with various writing exercises, participants will be introduced to the many facets of academic and professional writing and encouraged to respond with self-confidence and self-sufficiency.

In addition to running Molloy College's Writing Center, the professional writing consultants facilitating the program are also faculty members in the English Department. As such, they are uniquely suited to help students prepare for the expectations of college professors and the demands of college writing.

Although the program is intensive, participants will discover that writing - even academic writing - is a form of storytelling and a way to communicate meaningfully with others. Set in the fun, comfortable atmosphere of summer, workshops will foster a sense of community and friendship.  Participants will engage in lively discussion, exchange ideas, and build lasting relationships. They will have ample opportunity to share their work, including at an open mic on the final day, a fun-filled event where this new community of writers will come together to hear and honor one another. 

For those interested in attending Molloy College's undergraduate program, or for those pursuing a different college path, the consultants and new friends will become important future contacts.

Embark on your writing life today.

A complete application must be received by July 1 and include the following:
- Registration form
- Recommendation
- Personal Statement (see Registration form)

The following documentation must be submitted by July 11:
- Medical history
- Completed payment form
- Signed publicity release form

Questions about the program? Call 516.323.3293 or email  

Directions to Molloy College's Rockville Centre campus.

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