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What services does the Writing Center offer?

The Molloy College Writing Center exists to support the development of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students as writers and researchers. Our guiding principle is that writing well is something we can each learn through disciplined practice, using clear guidelines. The Center is a place for productive talk about writing. Our services generally include one-on-one sessions focused on any writing project in need of improvement. Computers are available for limited student use.

Who can visit the Writing Center?

Anyone in the Molloy community is welcome. Students at any skill level or at any stage in their writing process can make an appointment. There is no charge for working with a writing consultant. Most students come to the Writing Center on their own, but a classroom instructor can refer a student for help with specific difficulties. As part of Molloy's Academic Services, we encourage students seeking guidance in personal, academic, or professional writing to schedule an appointment.

How could a consultation benefit me?

Writing Center consultants can guide you during the writing process, offering strategies for evaluating your writing and making the process of revision productive. Students' writing generally improves after quality feedback. The consultants' goals are to increase your confidence and self-sufficiency as a writer. However, you are responsible for determining that the final paper meets the professor's requirements.

Who are the writing consultants?

The Writing Center is staffed by professional consultants who have taught or currently teach in the English Department. They are able to guide you through the writing process and to offer advice on ways to develop your writing skills.

What is a consultation like?

After you inform the consultant about your perceived writing needs, you should be able to discuss the instructions for the assignment given by the professor. You will read your paper aloud to the consultant who can make suggestions about organizing, developing a main idea, paragraphing, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, grammar, or research documentation--MLA or APA. Consultations are collaborative; the consultant will not rewrite the paper for you.

What do I need to bring with me?

Bring two (2) printed copies of your typed, double-spaced paper, outline or brainstorming notes, or PowerPoint slides, which you have already reviewed for grammar, spelling, and organization, as well as your class instructor's assignment sheet. 

Can I bring a group project to the Writing Center?

You can meet with a consultant to review a group project, but all members of the group must be present. If a student is not at the session, his/her section will not be reviewed. A member of the group can make an appointment with a consultant to cover an individual section.  

How do I arrange to see a consultant?

ALL STUDENTS MUST REGISTER ONLINE BEFORE THEY CAN MAKE AN APPOINTMENT AT THE WRITING CENTER. Once registered, you can schedule through our online system. Feel free to drop in to Casey 016 or call 516.323.3293 for more information. Appointments can be up to 25 minutes or up to 50 minutes, depending on the length of your paper. During peak periods in the Fall and Spring semesters, students are limited to a total of one hour per week. Although you may just walk in for help, students with appointments have priority. Walk-ins will be limited to one session (regardless of length) per day with a consultant. If you cannot keep an appointment, you must give three hours notice in advance. Students who schedule appointments but regularly do not show up for them will lose the privilege of scheduling appointments for the rest of the semester.

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Can an instructor refer me to the Writing Center?

An instructor can formally refer a student to the Writing Center by downloading and completing this referral form. A student should bring this form to the appointment, and the Writing Center will inform the instructor by e-mail after two weeks whether the student has complied.    

Does the Writing Center have computers available for student use?

Students who have an appointment with a consultant that day are free to use the computers to work on their assignments immediately before or after a session. Since there are a limited number of computers, we ask that students refrain from monopolizing them. Before working with a consultant, you must clear all personal items from the computer workspace. Students are required to bring two (2) copies of their paper, although printers are available for limited student use. You may only print out papers that will be reviewed by a consultant. You may not under any circumstances print out PowerPoint slides, articles to read for class, or personal documents.

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