Online Appointments

The Molloy Writing Center is now offering online consultation sessions.

From the convenience of your home or dorm room, you can have virtual appointments with a professional consultant. Because they are designed to replicate in-person appointments, these consultation sessions occur in real time.

Online sessions are conducted through WCONLINE, the same program used to schedule appointments. When viewing the schedule, you will see "online appts. only" underneath a consultant's name if he/she is available for online appointments that day. Online appointments must be made for a full hour.

In general, online appointments are best suited for students looking to brainstorm ideas or who have broad questions concerning their paper. Online sessions are not appropriate exclusively for sentence level concerns (i.e., grammar and mechanics). Online sessions cannot be conducted for group assignments.

Just as in face-to-face sessions, if a student does not log in within 15 minutes of the beginning of the appointment, the session will be marked as a no show and forfeited.

You can join the consultation up to 20 minutes early to upload your paper and minimize any technological problems you may encounter.

Please review this helpful information provided by WCONLINE.  If you do experience any technical difficulties during your appointment, please call the Writing Center at (516)323-3293.

Instructions for participating in an online session:

1) Before your scheduled appointment time, log into WCONLINE with your Molloy email and password.
2) Click on your appointment on the calendar schedule screen.
3) In the pop up window, click on the red link that says "Start or Join Online Consultation."
4) To upload your paper, click the two arrows symbol on the top right of the screen. (If you hover the mouse over the icon, it should say "Import/Export from/to different file formats.") Click "browse," find your paper, and then click "Import Now."
5) To use the instant messaging chat feature, simply click in the text box on the bottom right of the page. Begin typing, and hit "enter" on your keyboard to send the message.
6) At the beginning of the session, the consultant will ask for details concerning the nature of the assignment and the professor's guidelines. You will then be asked to state what you believe are the specific strengths and weaknesses of the paper, and where you would like to spend the focus of the session. Answering these questions will not only allow the consultant to make the most of your time, but also give him/her the time to review your paper before you begin.