How to Make an Appointment

All appointments are made through our online scheduling system, WCONLINE. You must register in the system using your Molloy College email address before you can begin making appointments. You will need to register only once, and you will use this account for your entire Molloy career. However, at various points throughout the academic year, the system will require you to update your profile.

Once your account is created, you can log in and access the Writing Center schedule, which is available to you 24/7. At the top of the screen, next to the range of dates, you will see a drop-down box with a list of semesters - make sure that you are viewing the schedule for the appropriate semester.

To make an appointment, find the day you want to come in, the consultant you want to see, and the time that works for you. WHITE boxes mean that the time slot is available. Light BLUE and dark BLUE boxes both mean that the time slot is unavailable. Once you schedule an appointment, your appointment will appear as a YELLOW box in the time slot. An online appointment you make will appear as a RED box.

To modify, cancel, and reschedule an appointment, use WCONLINE. Do not call or email your changes.

Online sessions are conducted through WCONLINE, the same program used to schedule appointments. When viewing the schedule, you will see "online appts. only" or "face-to-face or online" underneath a consultant's name if he/she is available for online appointments that day. Online appointments must be made for a full hour. Please see Online Appointments for more information.

Common reasons the system may not be letting you make an appointment:

1) You have already met your one hour a week limit.
2) You are trying to make an appointment more than one month in advance.
3) You have had too many no-shows and are locked out of the system.
4) You are trying to make an online appointment for half an hour instead of the required hour.
5) You are viewing the calendar for the incorrect semester.
6) You have not completed a required system profile update - these will be announced on the login page.

You are responsible for scheduling, modifying, and cancelling your appointments. If you are having difficulty navigating the online system, you can drop in to Casey 016, or call 516.323.3293 for assistance.  Consultants cannot make appointments for you over the phone.  

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