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Photo of Pamela Kenley-Meschino

Pamela Kenley-Meschino, M.A., Coordinator
Pamela Kenley-Meschino is an experienced teacher and consultant. Her enthusiasm for writing and her dedication to higher learning is apparent. She has taught Writing Composition and Literature for many years, most recently at Hofstra University. She graduated from Portland State University in Oregon and went on to teach Shakespeare and various other writing classes at PSU and Washington State University. She loves poetry, creative non-fiction, and a good cup of tea; not necessarily in that order.

Photo of Mary Ann Howell

Mary Ann Howell, M.A. English, Professional Consultant
Mary Ann Howell is in her nineteenth year as a Writing Center consultant. She is also an adjunct professor in the English department. Much of her time is spent collaborating with students of various disciplines and helping them develop their ideas. Her readiness and competence in assisting beginners and experienced graduate students to enhance their writing skills are wonderful to behold.

Photo of Pamela Smith

Pamela Smith, M.S. Reading, Professional Consultant
Pamela Smith, a Molloy alum, worked as an adjunct in Molloy College's English department for twelve years and is in her sixteenth year working as a Writing Center consultant. In addition, outside of the college setting, she uses her love of language as a volunteer teacher of students whose first language is not English.                                                              

Photo of Valerie Griggs

Valerie M. Griggs, M.F.A. Creative Writing; M.A. Spiritual Direction, Professional Consultant
Valerie Griggs began working in the Writing Center and as an adjunct professor in the English Department in 2008. She taught composition and literature at the high school level, as a Graduate Fellow at Brooklyn College and as an adjunct instructor at Hofstra University. She spent three summers in the Peoples' Republic of China training Chinese English teachers. Ms. Griggs has worked in the financial and performing arts sectors, as a retreat leader, and as facilitator in various educational settings. 

Photo of Courtney Pulver

Courtney Pulver, M.F.A. Creative Non-fiction, Professional Consultant
Courtney Pulver joined the Molloy College Writing Center in February 2017. Before coming to Molloy, Courtney had been a writing consultant for seven years, as well as an instructor of English and writing. Courtney believes that success is measured not by accomplishments, but by working toward a goal and being proud of the effort put in. Her passion is writing, and she continues to dive wholeheartedly into perfecting her craft, in order to share her knowledge and love of the English language. She reminds her students that at any given moment, they have the power to change how their story is going to end.

Photo of Lucijan Jovic

Lucijan Jovic, B.A. Adolescent English Education/Special Education, Peer Tutor.
Lucijan joined the Molloy College Writing Center in the Fall of 2019. He has a passion for writing and learning different types of pedagogy to not only educate students, but to foster critical thinkers and proficient writers. Outside the classroom, he serves as the Academic Chair of Molloy Student Government, Head Orientation Leader, Student Ambassador, Peer Mentor, sits-in on several committees, and is also a Graduate Assistant. Lucijan is a passionate writer, world traveler, and loves authentic European dishes.

Photo of Madeleine Carroll

Madeleine Carroll, M.F.A. Creative Writing, Professional Consultant
Madeleine Carroll joined Molloy's Writing Center in the Fall of 2019. Madeleine loves to write and help others through their writing process. She earned both a Bachelor's in English and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Hofstra University. During graduate school, she worked as a tutor at Hofstra's Writing Center. She loves to write poetry and her own songs, as she is also a musician. She sings and plays the viola, guitar, ukulele, and piano.

Photo of Cynthia Adonailo

Cynthia Adonailo, B.S. Business Administration, Administrative Assistant
Cynthia Adonailo joined Molloy’s Writing Center in the spring of 2018. With her many years of business experience as a financial reporter and manager, she looks forward to applying these skills in a new environment. Cynthia is an avid photographer, and she loves to discover new places and people with her family by her side and her camera in hand.

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