Services Offered

Purchasing and administrative services, print shop, mail room and switchboard

Purchasing and administrative services (K-012)

The Purchasing Office is located in the lower level of Kellenberg Hall, Room K-012. Purchasing is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the College's procurement policies and procedures. Its principle objective is to achieve a balance between reducing product and service expenditures while assuring the acquisition of quality goods and services. The office also creates and ensures standards of quality, safety and compatibility. Furthermore, it has the overall responsibility of evaluating all purchase requisitions to assure compliance with policy, monitoring the competitive bidding process and providing advice and assistance to the College community concerning the acquisition process. Please click to view Purchasing's Policies and Procedures.

Other services provided by the purchasing office:

  • Office supplies (Online ordering)
  • Stationery, business cards, envelopes, other business-related printed materials (Online ordering)
  • Promotional products such as personalized pens, bags, key chains, etc.
  • Vendor research
  • Equipment leases including photocopiers
  • Furniture buying
  • Cell phones
  • Automobile leasing
  • Rental cars, vans, buses
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Beverages and snacks for special events
  • Water cooler rentals

Print Services

Print Services is located in the lower level of Kellenberg Hall, Room K-012. Our mission is to provide low cost, quality printing to the Molloy community using state-of-the-art software and high-speed black/white and color photocopiers. We house a large shredder which you can borrow by calling ext. 3053.  Also available are an electronic paper cutter, folder, comb-binder, laminator, scanner, and bookletmaker. A work order is required for all requests and turn-around time for straight copy is one day.

Print Services can also assist departments in locating outsourced printers, graphic designers and analyzing bids. Outsourced printed materials costing over $1000 require a purchase order.
A walk-up black/white photocopier is available to all departments 24 hours a day, at the entrance to K-012. Your departmental security code is required to operate this equipment, so please consult your chairperson. Do not give your security code to temporary employees or students. They can get a temporary code from the Purchasing Office when their college ID card is presented.


The main Mail Room is located in the lower level of Kellenberg Hall, Room K-012. It is opened from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is a slot in the door for your outgoing envelopes when the mail room is closed. There is a USPS mailbox located outside at the northeast corner of Kellenberg Hall for your stamped, personal mail.

The Mail room coordinator is knowledgeable in postal rules, regulations, policies and procedures and can provide guidance and assistance to departments with their preparation of mail with the goal of obtaining maximum postal discounts and improving delivery. The Mail room coordinator should be contacted as early as possible in the planning stage.

Mail room personnel deliver mail to all administrative offices. If you prefer, you can pick up your mail in the Mail room.

The faculty mail room is located on the third floor of Kellenberg Hall in the Faculty Professional Center, Room K-322. All faculty, except for those in clinical and in the field, have a personal mail box. The mail room does not deliver mail to faculty offices. The Faculty Mail room is available 24/7. At times, a security code is required to gain access, so be sure to consult your chairperson.

Incoming/outgoing mail

All incoming mail is thoroughly screened and sorted for suspicious content according to national guidelines and those issued by the United States Postal Service.

Incoming Packages

The same safety measures used for incoming mail apply to all packages delivered to the college. Each incoming parcel is scanned by Mail room personnel and requires a signature when delivered to individuals. If you are expecting perishable or hazardous goods, please notify mail room personnel on ext. 3058 with instructions on how it should be handled.

If you receive a package or letter you feel is suspicious - Do not touch it!  Leave the area and call Public Safety on extension 11 from one of the emergency phones located in hallways and other designated areas on campus.
Security staff will respond to your call and take action.

The Mail room does not keep cash or take credit cards. No personal mail will be accepted by the Mail room. Books of first-class postage can be obtained at the book store, located in the Public Square.


The switchboard for the College is located in the Purchasing Office. All non-direct dial incoming calls are screened before being transferred to specific locations. The staff of the Purchasing Office are updated every fall and spring semester and at times of national crisis on emergency and safety procedures by the Public Safety Office. The switchboard operator maintains a calendar of events and gets information by a daily review of the Molloy website and netmails supplied by departments. If you would like to add to the calendar, please dial "O."

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