Policies and Procedures

1. A purchase order is required for purchases over $1,000 and for any order where the vendor requires a purchase order number, regardless of the amount. The purchasing department is the only authorized office to generate purchase orders.

2. If your order requires a purchase order, you must fill out a purchase requisition. These 3-part forms are available in the purchasing department. When completing a purchase requisition, please attach all required bids and submit to the purchasing department. IMPORTANT: Please follow the attached instructions for filling out the purchase requisition including bid requirements and authorization signatures.

3. When making a purchase of any kind, please ensure your have sufficient money in your budget in the applicable object code. Please ensure to have all required signatures on the requisition before submitting to the purchasing office.

4. I f a vendor is the only available supplier, a sole source form is also required (see link on the left). The sole source form may only be used when no other vendors are available, which happens infrequently. In regard to print buying, please see one of the design and print staff for assistance in finding a printer to meet your needs and for competitive bids for those orders over $1,000.

5. Your requisition will be returned to you if the required information, attachments and required signatures are not included or if the budget line has insufficient funds.

6. When all criteria are met, the purchasing office will complete the purchase order (PO) and fax the order to the vendor. Your copy will be sent to you along with your copy of the purchase requisition. At the same time, a copy will be sent to accounts payable. To make a payment on a PO, you must site the PO# on the payment authorization Form and attach the original invoice and receipt of goods.

7. All computer equipment and software must have a PO and the approval of the Director of Management Information Services. The purchasing office is required to assist all departments with office furniture, office equipment, leased equipment, contracts and capital expenditures. These items MUST have a purchase order plus the approval of the treasurer.

You may order, without a PO, any order under $1000 (with the exception of the items listed in #7 above requiring a PO regardless of the amount).

8. Please visit http://www.cbfgraphics.com/ for your letterhead, business cards and stationery needs.

9. For general office supplies, please refer to the Weeks-Lerman catalog at http://www.weekslerman.com/ or call them at 718.803.4921 for discounted pricing. You may also email them at maryann@weekslerman.com. Supplies are usually delivered to your desktop the following business day.

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