Personal Packages and Letter Mailing Procedures

Main Mailroom and the Faculty Mailroom

The main mail room is located in the lower level of Kellenberg Hall, Room K 014. There is a slot in the door for your outgoing envelopes when the mail room is closed. There is a USPS mailbox located outside at the northwest corner of Kellenberg Hall for your stamped personal mail.

The mail room coordinator is knowledgeable in postal rules, regulations, policies, and procedures and can provide guidance and assistance to departments with their preparation of mail with the goal of obtaining maximum postal discounts and improving delivery. The mail room coordinator should be contacted as early as possible in the planning stage.

Mail room personnel deliver mail to all administrative offices. If you prefer, you can pick up your mail in the mail room during the hours of 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. weekdays.

Incoming/outgoing mail

All incoming mail is thoroughly screened and sorted for suspicious content according to national guidelines and those issued by the United States Postal Service.

Incoming packages

The same safety measures used for incoming mail apply to all packages delivered to the college. Each incoming parcel is scanned by mail room personnel and requires a signature when delivered to individuals. If you are expecting perishable or hazardous goods, please notify mail room personnel on ext. 3058 as to how it should be handled.

In the event you receive a package or letter which you feel is suspicious do not touch it.  Leave the area and call public safety on extension 11 from one of the emergency phones located in hallways and other areas around campus.

Security staff will respond to your call and take action.

The college mail room does not keep cash or take credit cards. No personal mail will be accepted by the mail room.  Books of first-class postage can be obtained at the book store located in the Public Square. The college's mail room does not carry the many types of supplies as the U.S. Post Office, nor does it keep cash or take credit cards. Therefore, the following links are here to help you purchase postage online.

To calculate postage for packages and large envelopes (not first class mail):

  • Fill in all required areas - you can also track your package, purchase insurance, delivery confirmation, etc. here.
  • If you use your own box or other than a flat-rate USPS box, you will need to know the dimensions and weight before calculating a price.
  • Paying for postage online is usually less expensive than mailing at a postal facility.

Once you have calculated a price, you will be redirected to U.S.P.S. Click-N-Ship.

  • You will need to sign up for an account and sign in. You can then proceed to fill all required information, including credit card and print postage (check it carefully for errors). Once you specify the postage has printed correctly your credit card is charged.
  • You can then set up a day/time for the mail carrier to pick up your package at your home.
  • Attach the label to the package and leave it where you specified when setting up a pickup date.

For first class letters, postage stamps are available for $8.80 in books of 20 at the college book store in the Public Square. There is a collection box on campus located at the north entrance to Kellenberg Hall.

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