Community Day 2019

Thank you for making Community Day 2019 a great success.
Community Day 2018

September 3, 2019

On Tuesday, September 3rd, the Molloy community attended this year’s Community Day.

Navigating Transition Over the Solid Foundation We Have Built Together        "I've been thinking a lot about what makes Molloy - Molloy. What defines us in a unique way? Certainly it is the mix of programs and services we offer, but there is also a culture that is unique to Molloy. It is the unnamed way in which we interact. It is the traditions we have - the stories we tell - our collective history, our dreams and our vision for the future," says Dr. Bogner.

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"I am fully aware that changes in leadership can impact the social structure of an organization. And I am also aware that my leaving could be perceived as a possible point of departure from the way we do things. But my experience tells me that healthy organizations have patterns that can endure much change."

Drew Bogner, Community Day 2019

Navigating Transition