Community Day 2018

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Community Day 2018

September 4, 2018

On Tuesday, September 4th, the Molloy community attended this year’s Community Day.

This year's theme was the three 'R's: responsiveness, resiliency, and renewal. "A responsive education encompasses the re-articulation of the values of character, civility, compassion, respect, and selfless service that animates a healthy society. Resiliency is a second hallmark of Molloy. Renewal - that is the third "R". How do we renew Molloy College? Modify what we do and how we do it to be more relevant and impactful," says Dr. Bogner.

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"What is the formula? What is the pedagogy? What is the secret sauce? It is responsive education, a term we coined in the construction of the college’s current strategic plan."

Drew Bogner, Community Day 2018