See what other students are saying about the St. Thomas Aquinas Program:

"Course registration? I was completely lost until Joe (Weinstein) helped me!"

[The St. Thomas Aquinas Program] "helped me learn about things going on at Molloy and how to handle the work load of being new at college."

"Very helpful! Should be required for all freshmen!"

"I found the Financial Aid and resume writing sessions the most helpful! The program prepares you for your future at Molloy and your career."

"[The St. Thomas Aquinas Counselor] got me the information I needed and it helped me choose where I want to go in life."

..."put me on the right track for college and helped me make an easy transition to my first year of college."

"The program helped with meeting people and with things that you should know when you start college, but don't - because no one ever told you!"

"I feel the people of the St. Thomas Aquinas Program have an advantage the first semester at Molloy. They helped us rearrange our schedules and taught us how to manage our time, write e-mails to our professors and deal with many different situations."  Danielle Zaleskie

"Being a part of The St. Thomas Aquinas Program has been the best thing that has happened to me in college thus far."  Anna Mottola