Registration and Advisement

New Students

New freshmen and new transfer students will be scheduled for registration by the Office of Admissions.

Continuing Students

The advisement and registration dates for each semester are shown in the Academic Calendar located in the Molloy catalog. Before the Advisement and Registration period, registration material will be distributed to all continuing students. This material will provide instructions on how to register and the exact dates and times based upon the student's classification or credits earned. Before advisement/registration, students must have no outstanding balances or Bursar holds. Students who have failed to meet their obligations to the College - including financial obligations - or who have student health restrictions will not receive permission to register until the hold is removed or a written clearance is issued by the office concerned.

For matriculated students the advisor approves the selection of courses. It is incumbent upon the student to read the catalog carefully, noting all general education, liberal arts and sciences requirements, major, minor and other related requirements and to plan their program with care. The student is responsible for the final choice of courses.

Registration for all students requires payment of tuition and fees when due. Students who do not pay their bill will be prevented from registering for subsequent semesters and from receiving official transcripts and diplomas. See the current "Registration Guide" for specific instructions and listings of tentative courses planned for the future. No student may report for any course and section for which they have not registered. Students must attend the course and section for which they are registered. A student may not register for a course unless all prerequisites have been satisfied. The College reserves the right to cancel any course, as deemed necessary.

Alumni and Auditor Registration

Alumni and auditors register according to permitted dates announced in the "Registration Guide" booklet, and on the last day for late registration in Winter Intersession and Summer Session terms.

Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses

Undergraduates may enroll in graduate courses with permission of the Director of the Graduate Program of the department and the instructor teaching the course. The number of undergraduate students may not exceed 10 percent of the total class enrollment. Graduate-level courses that are credited to the Baccalaureate degree may not be applied toward the Master's degree. Undergraduates enrolling in graduate courses are requested to register during late registration.

Schedule Changes/Late Changes

Students may change their student for the upcoming semester after they have registered with their advisor on the web or by completing the Add/Drop form and presenting it in the Office of the Registrar. The signature of each student's advisor or, if not available, the Associate Dean for Academic Support Services is also required. After the last day of the late change of program period, no changes will be permitted without the signature of each instructor, the Director of Financial Aid and the advisor. Changes at this time are considered withdrawals and generate a grade of "W."

Late Registration

After the scheduled early registration period for continuing students each semester, students may register on a continuous basis each business day during normal working hours. Late registration ends on the last day of the late change of program period. Students will be held responsible for all absences resulting from Late Registration and may be required to obtain additional consent when registering late.