Pass/Fail Courses

The maximum number of credits allowed towards a degree for PASS/FAIL courses is 12 credits. Courses in the major, minor, related and general education requirements cannot be taken as PASS/FAIL unless specified by the course description. Students will be allowed to elect these credits - in part or in whole - as desired, subject to the limitations set forth by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

A request for permission to receive a grade on a PASS/FAIL basis must be made in writing to the Office of the Registrar during the first three weeks of a semester. Beginning with the fourth week of a semester, no request will be accepted for changing from a letter-grade status to PASS/FAIL or vice versa. "FAIL" grades will be equivalent to "F" and computed in the student's index.

Intersession or Summer Session

The period for requesting permission to receive a grade on a PASS/FAIL basis for the Intersession or for the Summer Session is much shorter in length. The exact dates and deadlines are noted in the Academic Calendar.

Students are also reminded that to be eligible for the Dean's List of Distinguished Students, each semester they must carry at least 12 credit hours of coursework, taken for letter grades.