Grading Policy

Grading Policy
(Effective Fall 2000)

A student's scholastic standing is determined by an evaluation of grades attained. Each credit hour has a quality equivalent. The student's index equals the total number of quality points divided by the total number of credit hours for which the student has received quality points.Grades:

A Excellent 93.0-100 4.0 quality points
A-   90.0-92.9 3.7 quality points
B+   87.0-89.9 3.3 quality points
B Good 83.0-86.9 3.0 quality points
B-   80.0-82.9 2.7 quality points
C+   77.0-79.9 2.3 quality points
C Average* 73.0-76.9 2.0 quality points
C-   70.0-72.9 1.7 quality points
D+   67.0-69.9 1.3 quality points
D   60.0-66.9 1.0 quality points
F Failure Below 60.0 0 quality points
I Incomplete - Computed as failure: Some requirement of the course is lacking. Automatically becomes an F if requirement is not met within specified time.
W Withdrawn - Passing. No credits earned and no quality points.
WA Withdrawn - Absent from the last class meeting or final.
WF Withdrawn-Failing. Computed as a failure.
WIP Work-in-Progress.
P Passed - Course taken for credit and no quality points.
NA** Never Attended - No credits earned and no quality points.
AU Audit - No credits earned and no quality points.

* "C" is the lowest acceptable grade for a course required in major/minor fields. The minimum acceptable grade for the major may be higher in certain departments. Please check departmental requirements.

**"NA" is no longer available as a final grade, effective Fall 2004.