General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements, including the Molloy College Core courses, are the responsibility of the Office of Academic Affairs and are overseen by Daniel McGann, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies.

The faculty of Molloy College revised the General Education Requirements, which were fully instituted in the 2002–03 academic year, in order to better fulfill the mission of the college and to more effectively meet the needs of students. Molloy's strong commitment to the Dominican tradition, and its ideal of the search for truth in response to the needs of the times, has been the determining factor in this revision of the General Education Curriculum.

As an institution founded in the Catholic and Dominican tradition, Molloy College is committed to providing students with a well-rounded education that promotes a life-long quest for truth through critical thinking, reflection and dialogue. This quest for truth is so important in the Dominican tradition that Veritas is the motto of the Dominican Order. Like St. Dominic, Molloy believes that the search for Truth leads the individual to deeper engagement in the world. Thus, the quest for Truth can be seen as central to the mission and identity of Molloy College.

General Education Requirements

Core General Education Courses
In an attempt to better reflect the commitment of the College to the search for Truth in all its dimensions, the faculty of Molloy added to the General Education curriculum a four-credit Core course focused on the theme, "The Quest for Truth and Engagement in a Diverse World.'' Each of the Core courses is team-taught by faculty from various disciplines in conjunction with faculty from the Philosophy or Theology Department and employs an interdisciplinary perspective, focusing on humanity's aspiration for truth in a world that is often torn apart by conflict and injustice. These interdisciplinary courses assist students in connecting knowledge and integrating their understanding across disciplines, an important component of a Liberal Arts education.

These Core courses reflect Molloy's mission by stressing a value-centered educational experience, critical thinking, global awareness and responsibility for service to others in order to improve the quality of life and protect the environment. The purpose of these courses is to bring our students to think more critically about the issues facing society today and to be more engaged in addressing these issues.

Therefore, Core courses focus on one or more current issues addressed from the different perspectives of the two disciplines of the faculty. The focus is always on the critical evaluation of contemporary issues facing the global society, leading to involvement in effective social action. Although Core courses are not Ethics courses, they emphasize values. Classical or historical material is related to present issues, especially to problematic issues in today's world that call for systemic change. Diverse views on these issues, as well as the demands they make on citizenship, are considered.

All students who matriculate at Molloy, effective with the 2002–2003 academic year, must complete the following General Education requirements. Continuing and readmitted students must follow the General Education requirements for which the student has been approved.