Windows Laptop Wi-Fi Instructions for Employees/Students

Windows Laptop Wi-Fi Instructions for Students or Employees depending on SSID

  1. Go to Network and Sharing and click on Setup a New Network Connection

  2. Select Manually Connect to a Wireless Network and Click Next

  3. Fill in the network information Students_Only for Students and Employees_Only for Employees. For the security type select WPA2-Enterprise, make sure Start this connection automatically is checked. Click Next.

  4. Select Change Connection Settings

  5. Click on the Security Tab and click on Settings

  6. Uncheck the box to Verify the server’s identity and click Ok

  7. Now Click on Advanced Settings

  8. Check the Box Specify Authentication Mode and Select User Authentication click Ok and then Close. Now you can click on Stundents_Only Wi-Fi SSID or Employees_Only depending who you are setting up and Login with their credentials.