Acceptable Use Policy

1. Computing equipment and resources are owned and administered by Molloy College. Access to this equipment is a privilege granted to students, faculty, administrators and staff of the College to facilitate instruction, learning, research and administration.

2. Computer accounts are the exclusive property of the College and are NOT the user's private property. Accounts are assigned for College-related work. If there is reasonable suspicion of infractions, the College reserves the right to inspect the computer accounts.

3. Access to computing and networking systems shall be available to authorized users. Usage priorities are established depending on instructional, research and administrative needs. The Molloy College network is a primary communications tool for the Molloy College community.

4. A valid Molloy College identification card is necessary to obtain an account. Academic Computer Lab personnel will assign and activate accounts during designated times for authorized users, after the appropriate agreement has been submitted and approved.

5. The computer is not a secure environment for private material. Users' choice of subject matter should respect the quality of life for themselves and for others.

6. The owner of an account will be held responsible for any activity on that account. Each user is expected to take reasonable care to ensure that unauthorized users are unable to gain access to the account and file space. Users are expected to report any suspected or actual unauthorized access to their accounts to the Director of the Academic Computer Laboratory.

7. A password is determined by the user. Passwords MUST be kept confidential. They should not be written down, or be easily guessed, such as user's first name, family name, phone number, or nick name.

8. The users of the computing system are expected to take a responsible and professional approach to the use of the resources. Since the resources are shared, every user must accept the specific responsibility of minimizing the impact of the user's actions on others.

9. In cases in which the users are a group of people, such as a student club, the president and secretary of that club, as well as the individual user, are responsible for the content of material published and utilized.

10. All home pages must adhere to the Molloy College homepage policy.

11. Molloy College is not responsible for any activity on a user's account or the outcome of relationships or agreements initiated over the Internet. Users are solely responsible for any legal or illegal usage or activity on their accounts.

12. All computer accounts may be deleted upon the user's withdrawal from the College.

Unauthorized Uses

Any unauthorized use will subject the user to disciplinary action as per the Student Handbook or College regulations. In addition to other sanctions, access to a computer account may be revoked for unlawful activity, a violation of security provisions, or a violation of Molloy College regulations and/or ethical standards. These unauthorized uses include, but are not limited, to:

1. Use of computers in violation of Molloy College regulations and policies, ethical standards, or mission.

2. Use of any College resources for personal profit-making enterprises.

3. Use or development of programs that harass others, modify the system or account, or cause damage to system resources.

4. Transmission of destructive programs.

5. Placement of any unlicensed software or data on College owned computers or College file servers.

6. Installation of commercial software (including but not limited to AOL Instant Messenger and all other media sharing / peer-to-peer sharing software) on College-owned computers.

7. Files downloaded from the Internet or installed from attachments of emails, including unauthorized software, gamesand screensavers.

8. Other uses, such as game-playing, while academic activities are in process. The only exceptions to this policy are games which are in direct support of instruction or research and of limited duration.

9. Placement of commercial software or any software or data on computer hard drives or College file servers.

10. Modification of the Molloy College homepage.

11. Placement of home pages on the Molloy College web server.

12. Use of a computing account by anyone other than the person to whom the account has been assigned by Molloy College.

13. Use of a computer anonymously or use of a pseudonym to attempt to escape from prosecution of laws or regulations, or otherwise to escape responsibility for one's actions.