Internal Funding: Faculty Research & Scholarship Awards

The purpose of research/scholarship awards is to provide support monies to:

  • Undertake a research project
  • Prepare a research-based article for publication
  • Write a grant proposal
  • Initiate a pilot project in preparation for a research investigation
  • Support doctoral research
  • Support significant scholarly or creative works

Recipients of support from this internal grant competition will be required to submit a research grant status form (Form C) to the Committee for Faculty Scholarship and Academic Advancement within one year following receipt of funding.  A final report documenting all expenditures must also be submitted within one year of receipt of funding to the Office of the Treasurer and the Faculty Scholarship and Academic Advancement Committee (Faculty Scholarship Grant Expense Report).

Who is Eligible?
Current faculty members who have completed one year of full-time teaching at Molloy or part time faculty who have taught three (3) years of 30 credits; former full-time faculty members who have taught three (3) years and now teach part time; faculty who are applying for sabbatical; faculty who are doctoral candidates with an approved dissertation proposal or equivalent. Faculty may not be funded more than once in an academic year, whether acting as principal or co-investigator.

What Award Monies Can be Used For: Project related activities including expenses related to data collections and analysis, postage, preparation of audio visual aids, development of posters for presentation, secretarial help, to support research-related travel expenses pay cost of replacement when necessary if faculty workload reduction is approved.

How are proposals selected for funding? The Committee for Faculty Scholarship and Academic Advancement (Committee) is responsible for determining which proposals are funded as well as the amount of the award.  The Committee evaluates and votes to accept/reject each proposal based on the following considerations:

  • The clarity of the overall description of the project and whether it follows the guidelines
  • A critique of the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal
  • Assessment of the reasonableness of the budget.

How to Apply: Applicants are required to submit an application form (Form A) and a proposed budget (Form B) as well as:

  • 150-word abstract
  • Statement of purpose
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Bibliography
  • Plan for dissemination of research
  • Attach IRB approval if applicable

Due Date/Award Receipt: Applications dates are announced at the beginning of the academic year: Awards announced in April

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