Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) is a subscription service providing Molloy's research community with comprehensive on- line training in human subjects research (HSR). If you are an investigator, research team member, or student doing human subjects research, you must take the "Human Subjects Research Course" in order to submit to the IRB or be listed as part of the research team.

CITI Program's HSR series consists of modules from two basic tracks, Biomedical  (Biomed) and Social-Behavioral-Educational (SBE) and a set of additional modules of interest. In addition, CITI instructional materials are highly customizable.  CITI off -the -shelf content can be assembled to fit the specific needs of the institution's learners.

CITI program content is organized into modules, which can be thought of as lessons. Modules of a course may be set as required; or the may be set as elective. Modules are composed of text, images, and video content which generally follows a standard format: It begins with an introduction of the topic(s) to be covered, then provides a set of learning objectives; after that comes the main material, broken up into sections, followed by a concluding summary sections.  Each module may take 10-30 minutes to complete. You can leave and come back to the site using you CITI user name and password and quizzes can be retaken to achieve a higher score until a passing score is achieved.

Modules typically include a quiz make up of multiple- choice questions.  Achieving a passing score on the set of quiz questions is required to "complete" the module. When you complete a quiz, feedback is usually provided for each question, which includes guidance on why the answer selected was correct or incorrect.  Module content can be revisited and quizzes can be retaken to achieve a higher score until a passing score is achieved.

For each set of modules that has been assembled into a course, a learner has an associated gradebook.  The gradebook shows the your progress for each module of that course-not yet started, started but not completed, completed and passed, or not passed. Training is required every three years.

To Register:
1.      Go to
2.      Once there, simply click "Create an account".
3.      You will be taken to the page "Personal Information".
4.      Enter "Molloy College".
5.      Enter your desired username and password where indicated.
6.      Select a security question.
7.      Enter your first and last name.
8.      Enter your preferred email address.
9.      Indicate your gender, ethnicity, race.
10.    Hit submit. You will be taken to Main Menu.

To Enroll in a Course:
1.     Go to My learner tools for Molloy College. Click on Add a Course or Update Learner Groups.
2.     The next page is Select Curriculum-Molloy College
3.    Go to Quest 2: Human Subjects Research. Choose the learner group that correlates best with the type of human subjects research in which you are involved.
4.    You will be taken back to the Main Menu.  The learner group you selected will appear under 
5.    Click on the Title of the Course to begin or continue the course.
6.    Complete the Integrity Assurance Statement presented at the top after clicking a course title. The system will allow you to start taking the course modules after completing it.
7.    Complete the Required modules and associated quizzes.
8.    When you complete all Required modules in your curriculum, you will be shown a list of Optional Modules. You may return to the course at a future time to review these modules.

If you wish to develop a human subjects curriculum for a specific Learner Groups and want to view all modules:
1.      Register (1-5 above)
2.      Main Menu: Click on Affiliate with another institution
3.      Enter the word DEMO. 

For any questions or concerns regarding training; please contact:
Sherry Radowitz, Ph.D.
Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs
Office of Mission and Advancement
316 Locust Street, x4705

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