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Our Refund Company is BankMobile Disbursements - you may receive emails or communications from them as a valid partner of Molloy College. Please note:

  1. Refund choices are done at Refundselection. This is where you choose how you want to get your refunds from Molloy College (if you are to receive one).
  2. You maintain your refund choices at BankMobile Vibe, you can change your refund choice at any time!
  3. Direct Deposit to your own bank account is a choice!
  4. BankMobile Vibe is a bank account choice if you don't already have a bank account. It includes free ATM access at all ALLPOINT network ATM machines across the country and internationally! Find an ALLPOINT ATM here.

For your Information:

  • All correspondence is sent to the mailing address that Molloy has on file. You can log into your Lion’s Den Account; click on Personal Info located right under ”Welcome Back,” click on the pencil to edit your information
  • Student Refunds are only processed on actual credit balances (credit balances based on anticipated aid will not be refunded)
  • A Refund is usually processed within two weeks after the Student Refund Request is received
  • You will receive a green envelope from BankMobile, which contains a personal code. You will need this code to choose how you want your refunds to be issued (if you are ever issued one from Molloy College).
  • If you never received your personal code or it was lost, you can contact the Office of the Bursar and they will be able to issue a personal code immediately
  • Login into Refund Selection; enter your personal code and choose how you want your refunds processed; there are two options:
    • Deposit into an existing bank account of your choice (checking or savings). You will need your bank account information including account and routing numbers. Your funds will be available within 2-3 business days. You will receive an email or text notification once the refund is disbursed to the bank
    • Deposit to a BankMobile VIBE Account – This is an FDIC insured checking account; you will receive a MasterCard Debit Card, which you can use to withdraw funds or use at retail establishments up to the amount of the refund. You can order checks if desired. Your funds will be available the same day the refund is disbursed to your account. You will be notified by email or text when the funds are disbursed to your account. You can monitor your account at BankMobile Vibe. The monthly service fee for enrolled students is $0. ATM Cash withdrawal fee is $0 if you use an ALLPOINTS Network ATM. Please go to BankMobile Vibe for all details.

View our institution's contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customer Bank.

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