Payment Methods

Need to make a payment on your student account? We offer many easy, convenient ways for you to do just that.

Online Payments
Secure online payments can be made via electronic check. Credit card - Discover, MasterCard or Visa - payments may be made online through CashNet by using your Lion's Den account.

Payment by Mail or In-Person
Use any of the following methods:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money order
  • Discover, Visa or MasterCard
  • Monthly budget plan
  • Financial aid eligibility

Make out all checks to Molloy College, being sure to include your account ID number on the check. This can be found in the upper left-hand corner of your statement of account. Checks returned to Molloy College for insufficient funds will be subject to a $25. collection fee. If you are notified of a returned check, the amount must immediately be replaced with cash, credit card or money order. If a second check is returned for insufficient funds, you may not be permitted to use a personal check in the future.

Tuition Deferment Vouchers
Students receiving any type of tuition deferment vouchers must present the completed/authorized tuition deferment voucher form at the time of registration to the Office of the Bursar. All charges not covered by the tuition deferment voucher must be paid by the due dates previously listed.

Tuition Credit Vouchers
The value of a tuition credit voucher cannot exceed the student's tuition charges. Tuition credit vouchers can only be applied to tuition. All fees, course fees and other costs to attend are not covered.

Molloy Discount Policy
Molloy discounts, when used in conjunction with a tuition credit voucher, are subtracted from the amount due for tuition after the tuition credit voucher has been applied to the bill. Molloy discounts do not apply to  fees, course fees and other costs.

Note: Discounts will be adjusted in accordance to any withdrawal credits issued to the student account

Tuition Discount - Education

In recognition of candidates' contribution to religious education, Molloy College offers a 30% tuition reduction in graduate education courses to those who are employed full-time in religious-affiliated schools. To be eligible for this discount, a signed letter from the school principal is required each semester the discount is sought. The discount can only be applied for the current term and cannot be applied to prior semesters. Additionally, there is also a 30% discount for any course taken at the Extension site: St. John the BAptist High School in West Islip.

Tuition Vouchers
Tuition Vouchers are awarded to persons providing a specific service to Molloy College and are managed by the Department of Enrollment Management. 

Unexpired vouchers may be presented to the Bursar's Office at the time of registration.  Expired vouchers are not valid and cannot be applied to a student's account. Tuition vouchers can only be applied to the term for which the student is currently enrolled.  They cannot be used to pay balances from previous semesters.

Tuition Vouchers are applied to tuition only and cannot exceed the tuition charge. If a student submits vouchers that exceed the tuition cost for the semester, the student will forfeit the excess amount.

Institutional aid (grants and scholarships) may be adjusted when used in conjunction with a tuition voucher.  The combination cannot exceed tuition.

The amount of the voucher will be deducted from the student's tuition charge as follows:

  • Part-time Students: the value of voucher is equal to the per-credit rate based on the student enrollment.
  • Full-time Undergraduate Students paying the flat tuition rate: the value of the voucher is equal to the undergraduate per-credit rate based on enrollment in 16 credits per semester (whether or not the student is registered for 16 credits).  Therefore, the voucher would be equal to Flat Tuition/16 credits.

Important to note:

  • No more than four credits in vouchers will be accepted per academic semester
  • Tuition vouchers can be applied to tuition only-all fees, course fees and other costs to attend are not covered by the voucher.  Payment of these fees are the responsibility of the student.

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